Kurdistan Commentary is a blog about anything at all related to Kurds, Kurdistan, and Kurdish.  I try to keep current on the news, but may also post reviews, old stories, and general information.  My particular interests are media, politics, and language.  I blog pseudonymously…for now.

Some posts with the initials ‘AN’ are from a guest blogger. We welcome guest bloggers to join the Kurdistan Commentary team. Write to kurdistancommentary at googlemail.com if you’re interested in submitting a story.

We have two regular contributors:

Shiler Amini is a PhD candidate in Kurdish Studies at the University of Exeter. She is a news journalist with a background in sociology, with interests concentrated around Kurdish politics, media, women’s rights, linguistics and the Kurdish diaspora. Amini currently writes editorials for online journals such as Rojhelat: The Kurdish Observer and Kurd.se | Den Kurdiska Rösten and will now be doing the same for Kurdistan Commentary.

Christian Sinclair is assistant director of University of Arizona’s Centre for Middle Eastern Studies. He is also on the Kurdish Studies Association’s executive committee. Sinclair’s interests — as they relate to Kurdish Studies — include human rights, media, and language policy and he is a frequent speaker on Kurdish issues. His article, The Evolution of Kurdish Politics in Syria, was published by MERIP in August 2011. He will write a fortnightly column, which will appear on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month beginning on 7 May.


Contact info:

EMAIL: kurdistancommentary at googlemail.com


Note on image: It’s a new kilim with a traditional Kurdish design, made of wool, from the province of Hekarî.


21 thoughts on “About

  1. The best blog on Kurdish issues on the net. Great work.

    Best wishes

  2. Welat, thanks for the accolades! Much appreciated. Please let everyone know about Kurdistan Commentary.

  3. Thank you for an absolutely outstanding blog. I am researching the Kurdish Question in Turkey and your blog never fails to update me on the most recent happenings.

  4. Dear Anonymous, Your comments mean a lot. Thank you. What’s the topic of your research?

  5. Very generally, it covers self-determination for the Kurds in SE Turkey, by means of secession. But also interested in exploring the relationship between political islam and kurdish nationalism in Turkey and how far the economic situation effects nationalist desires for secession.

  6. Dynamics of Kurdish secessionist aspirations are multi-faceted and influenced by many factors. Good luck with your research!

  7. Rêzdar KB,

    Every Kurdish voice to the world is a treasure. Your blog is also a treasure; thank you for being the voice of so many people who can’t be heard, who live under oppression and injustice on their own land!

    Li gel rêz û silavên germ,


  8. Kurds are celebrating the New Year in a different Way

    While the world celebrating the New Year, A Kurdish Website posted a very interesting message! It says:
    Its not a New Year, Let us not celebrate, We should not greet anybody! Especially the Oppressors!

    I am not surprised because we Kurds are a very traumatised nation and we need a healing hand to help us overcome decades of constant oppression and destruction.



  9. Kak Saman,
    Kurdish nation is very special for many reasons – one of them is that while kurdish new year is Newroz in march, Kurds still are able to use the opportunity to have fun celebrating new year on 1st January. there is nothing wrong with greetings other – for reasons or without reasons, its always nice (of course not oppressors). Kurds are the nation of high lever of tollerance to everything and thats one of the things which makes kurdish nation so special. Society dominated by islam religion, still respects its christian minority, like any other islam country in the world – and its great. It doesnt charm us at all, but its something we can be proud of. and its something which now and in the future will make Kurdistan the most civilized country in the world.

    You write “Traumatised”, kaka – but it shouldnt be past tense. we have people not only in bashuri Kurdistan, we have people in North, East and West – who are still oppressed very hard. we shouldnt forget about them, they are Kurds and they need helping hand much more than southern Kurds need healing hand. Coz in XXI century Kurds still dying because of that only reason that they are Kurds.

    My best wishes for you.

  10. Unified Kurdish language

    Your blog is great; please promote the united Kurdish language for your readers.
    This language is 2500 years old and it is called Aryan language by King of Kings Darius. It is good for Kurmanji, Sorani, Zazi, Lor, Lak and other Kurdish dialects.
    Appreciate if you publish this link on your blog for Kurds to read the document.

    Behistun cuneiform inscriptions
    Discovery of 2500 years old Aryan language (Kurdish, Elamite, Persian and others languages) below for your information’s
    From Behistun (Behishtan) cuneiform inscriptions to the Kurmanji Kurdish Alphabet
    Dear reader
    Please let me know if you find anything wrong or you do not agree with meaning of words. Write me and I will communicate with you to fix any error you might find. I appreciate any assistance to have the document for the people to be enjoyable.
    Hamma Mirwaisi
    Author of the “Return of the Medes”

  11. Many thanks for your amazing blog. Very informative and always up to date..thank you for covering the issues in Syria and highlighting the suffering of the Kurds there.

    Many thanks again and keep up the good work!

    Her biji.

  12. You’re welcome, Lorin. It’s my pleasure. If you ever feel like contributing something to the blog, just let me know. KB

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  14. I was happy to discover your website.
    I’m the wife of Nureddin Zaza.
    All the best for Kurds.

  15. Dear sir, Who is the producer of this site .. I am research scholar.

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