“The Concrete Flower”

“I am sitting here. Numb. Dizzy. Beheaded. Without any arms or legs.  Without any eyesight. More a concrete flower than a human.  Living against all odds.

Yet I see more clearly than you, who are whole. Who can walk wherever and say whatever.



I feel more vividly the pain of others and I inflict them upon myself to be able to help out. How can I help out if I do not feel their agony, if I cannot hear their pleas?


I am numb as it has continued for centuries and I can only take so much pain and sorrow. The humming of the bees is drowned out to the violent humming of warplanes and drones.


I try to mask them and only hear the music in my heart, but as the cries from those who struggle gets louder, they add the lyrics to my heartfelt music.


I am dizzy, as so many roads have been shut for me in the past. So many borders have been set up where there were none before. So many villages burnt, the smoke fills my lungs and clouds my eyes. Blinding me.


I am without arms and legs as I am not a whole. I have been divided. Cut. The sharp rulers of despots past have set the lines, which I am not allowed to cross. I am without arms and legs. 


I am beheaded, as I do not know where to look. Only cure is a joint action by my partitions to join each other and together look for one.


If I have managed to come this far beheaded, arm- and leg-less, imagine what I can achieve if whole!


The music of the past guides my way, puts the notes on my sheet and tells me what to expect next. I just need to read them.


The single words coming in the past started a song I wish to see finished.  The past 63 days these single words have turned into lyrics. Into music I can understand.


I can feel it. I can feel their pain. Their hunger. Their determination. I can see the words turning into lyrics on my note sheet.


I can see them but you cannot.

To see them neither, head arms or legs are necessary.


You need an open mind. Filled with the music of your heart, music of the past and the lyrics of the present.



An open mind only a flower nurtured from concrete can have.”

Concrete Flower






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