Kurdish Social Media Gathering

This Saturday at the Kurdish Community Centre in London! Click on image above for more details.

On the night of the Uludere massacre, Roj TV and Kurdish Social Media played an critical role in breaking the news silence of the Turkish and International Media.

“This is not like in the old times. Now is the age of phones, television and the Internet. No one can hide what they did!” said Servet Encu, 31, sole survivor of the Uludere massacre!

Servet could not of been more right and for the Kurdish Freedom Struggle in Turkey, social media is increasingly playing a vital role in breaking the international media silence and challenging the psychological misinformation war of the Turkish state. Kurdish Social Media activists and Non Kurdish friends are able to bypass the official Turkish media and speak directly to the international media and to ordinary people around the world.

Only the beginning!

In 2011 we have laid the foundations for further growth but we now need every single Kurdish activist online and on Twitter to be able to increase the effectiveness of our work and offer real solidarity to the Kurdish Freedom Struggle.

We have no time! The fascistic practises of the AKP are attempting to annihilate the Kurdish Freedom Movement and we must expose this to the world and demand, that no longer, the world remains silent and indifferent to the brutal suppression of the Turkish state and recognise the legitimate demands of the Kurdish people for political and human rights in Turkey!

With this in mind #TwitterKurds organising a Kurdish Social Media Gathering to highlight and encourage more Kurdish rights activists to open Twitter accounts to be more effective in their work!

The event will be held between 1500hrs and 1900hrs at the Kurdish Community Centre in London and will be LiveStreamed around the world with participation expected from Turkey, US, Sweden, Kurdistan and many other places!

If you not able to attend in person then please open a Twitter account and follow for updates and links on #TwitterKurds and #KSMG

Skype, LiveStream and Twitter will all be used and there will be workshops on the basics of how to be an effective Kurdish Social Media Warrior!

There will have speakers from the Kurdish Social Media Community and Experts in Social Media Technology. #TwitterKurds will help you to open accounts and answer any basic questions you may have!

There will also be speakers from the media who will speak on the importance of content and reliability and activists who have been busy instigating the Kurdish Social Media Revolution!

Please join us in London and online around the world on #TwitterKurds

Saturday, 21st Jan 2012 3pm-7pm
Kurdish Social Media Gathering.
Kurdish Community Centre
11 Fairfax Hall
London N4 1HU

Or online (Twitter) at #TwitterKurds


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