Cartoon: Who’s doing what to topple the regime?

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Cartoon from Soparo perhaps represents the disagreements amongst some Kurdish political parties in Syria and the ‘Kurdish street.’ Bashar al-Assad, Syrian president, sits comfortably atop a chair. The Arab on the right is holding a sign that reads ‘The people want the fall of the regime’, which has become a common refrain in Syria in all parts of the country, and shows him standing with a Kurd, united in their call. The guy with the ax, maybe representing the Kurdish youth and their groups, is also trying to ‘topple the regime.’  But the cartoon shows some of the Kurdish political parties on the left who, according to some, haven’t yet put their full weight behind that slogan. Hence the impression that they are propping up the regime instead of helping to topple it. The sign held up by the man in grey reads ‘لجنة التنسيق’, meaning Coordinating Committee, which is a group of three Kurdish political parties in Syria: the Future Movement, Yekîtî, and Azadî. The PYD (Partîya Yekîtî ya Demokratîk or Democratic Union Party),  is closely linked to the PKK, hence Öcalan’s figure on the left.  These groups are the most anti-regime of the Kurdish political parties and the most actionist. Members of the PYD and the Coordinating Committee do support the protests and have been out protesting. So this cartoon is all about perceptions. If  you have any other interpretations of this, leave a comment.


4 thoughts on “Cartoon: Who’s doing what to topple the regime?

  1. This for this explanation, but I think people who are holding the sign that says: “The People want to topple the Regime” are Kurds and Arabs together. If you look at it closely, you’ll notice that.

    Just like you said, PYD and the Coordinating Committee are the most anti-regime parties. Therefore, I see this cartoon as a pointless way to criticize.

  2. Yo creo que Yahia al Silo explica la postura del PYD de no participar masivamente en las protestas. Ha puesto el líder del PYD en esta viñeta como un pie de silla que ayuda Bashar a quedarse más tiempo en el poder. Hablando del pueblo kurdo, los que realmente luchan ahora para derrocar el régimen son los el movimiento juvenil kurdo.

  3. Sirwan, My bad. I was so focused on the other parts of this cartoon that I merely glanced at the two on the right. I’ve changed it.

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