Tiziano Project | 360° Kurdistan: exhibit in DC, needs your help!

The Tiziano Project’s 360° Kurdistan will be on exhibit in Washington, DC beginning 04 August (through 01 September). They need your support to ensure its success! Please see letter below to learn about the exhibition and how you can donate.



Dear friends,

It brings me great pleasure to announce the Iraqi Cultural Center in Washington, DC has agreed to host an exhibition curated by yours truly and my colleague, award-winning photographer and Executive Director of the Tiziano Project, Jon Vidar. In Our Own Words is based on “360° Kurdistan”, a documentary initiative that presents the journalistic efforts and personal accounts of Iraqi citizens living in the Kurdish north. The project and exhibition strives to provide visitors with a robust and complete understanding of life, culture and news in present-day Iraqi Kurdistan. This unique exhibition is an example of storytelling as an art form, where the narrative is expressed and controlled by Iraqis and not filtered through the Western media.

The exhibition features:

  • 16 original photographs from young Iraqi journalists and their mentors
  • 15 individual video frames to exhibit journalist-produced news videos
  • Interactive computer stations with the 360 | Kurdistan website
  • Dedicated computer station with Skype interface enabling visitors to chat with Iraqi journalists (opening night only)
  • Interview booth with videographer where visitors can document their own stories about living and working in Iraq, or being an Iraqi American (opening night only)

While the Iraqi Cultural Center is gracious enough to host our exhibit opening on August 4, there’s a catch…we need to raise the funds for this event ourselves. Our budget is $3,000 to cover the costs of photographs and label printing, the video frames, and mounting supplies. We only have until July 8 before our materials need to go to the printer, so I am calling on all my loyal friends for their help to make this exhibition happen!

If you feel like supporting, you can donate through our Pledge page. As of June 28, we have already raised over $500. Another $20 or $30 from you would go a very long way. As an added incentive, if you donate $50 or more, I will send you an 8″x10″ print of any one of the original photographs featured in the exhibition.

If you have any questions or comments about the exhibition, don’t hesitate to ask. Opening night is Thursday August 4, so if you find yourself in DC, stop on by for the reception: 1630 Connecticut Avenue NW.


Catherine Foster


2 thoughts on “Tiziano Project | 360° Kurdistan: exhibit in DC, needs your help!

  1. Does anyone know how long the exhibit will be showing at the Iraqi Cultural Center?

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