Jerry and Hafez

Yes, this is totally random and has nothing to do with anything really. I was going through an old box of stuff and came across some photographs and felt the need to share this particular one (which has been hidden away for many years now). I shot it in Deir ez-Zour in the mid-90s while there visiting a friend. It’s the wall outside of a kindergarten with Jerry the mouse and Hafez al-Assad, the late Syrian president. Seeing this was a nice change from all the Hafez, Basil and Bashar imagery around everywhere at that time. And it’s a cute image for little school children in their blue smocks as they enter the school, right?

Well, I just went to Wikipedia to look up Tom and Jerry, the cartoon in which Jerry appeared. It says:

The short episodes are infamous for some of the most comically gory gags ever devised in theatrical animation, such as Jerry slicing Tom in half, shutting his head in a window or a door, Tom using everything from axes, firearms, explosives, traps and poison to try to murder Jerry, Jerry stuffing Tom’s tail in a waffle iron and a mangle, kicking him into a refrigerator, plugging his tail into an electric socket, pounding him with a mace, club or mallet, causing a tree or an electric pole to drive him into the ground, sticking matches into his feet and lighting them, tying him to a firework and setting it off, and so on.

Hmmm. It never dawned on me that there was so much in common between this cartoon character and the Assad clan.


4 thoughts on “Jerry and Hafez

  1. This really made me laugh out loud this morning. It just reminded my of old days when I used to salute the late Syrian president’s picture every single morning. The walls in school were as exactly as the same you’ve published here.

    His son today attempted to play the same game Tom and Jerry used to play… Jerry is obviously no more satisfied with Tom’s stupidity and arrogance. Tom thinks he has last all means to discipline Jerry, instead he is kicking some asses of some bad guys . Jerry in turn has decided he will never stop being an “outlaw”.

  2. whatever Tom (enemy) would do – Jerry (Kurdistan) is still alive.

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