Kurdish Genocide Conference

Conference organisers from the American Kurdish Council have announced that the Kurdish Genocide Conference will be broadcast live online from Tennessee State University in Nashville on Sunday afternoon, 22 May 2011.

The conference will focus on the different genocides perpetrated by the governments of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey against the Kurds. The conference will also feature a monodrama, Pakiza, performed by Kurdish actor Sarkawt Taro.


Tune in here to watch the conference. To find out what time Opening Remarks begin in your area, click here.


Conference Programme:

1.00-1.10pm Opening Remarks

American Kurdish Council

1.10-2.30pm Kurdish Genocide: Beyond the Borders

Speakers: Kirmanj Gundi, Kamal Artin, Kani Xulam and Sirwan Kajjo

2.30-3.00pm Anfal: The Exploitation of the Qur’an

Speaker: Dr. Zaid Brifkani

3.00-4.00pm lunch break

4.00-5.30pm Kurdish Genocide: Witnesses and Survivors

Speakers: Azad Hamad, Yonis Haji, Amina Mahmood Ali, Neaamat Torabian and Dilovan Parwar

5.30-6.00pm Pakiza – Monodrama

Performed by: Sarkawt Taro

5 thoughts on “Kurdish Genocide Conference

  1. i am trying to watch, but the broadcast is really terrible.
    and i dont see flag of Kurdistan anywhere, which is also strange.

  2. Hi Kulka,
    I have given up on watching it. The poor technology was too much of a distraction. I would have really enjoyed seeing the conference.

  3. i also gave up after 1 hour and a half. well – USA dont have very good technology, if it was in Kurdistan, would be better :)))).
    But maybe someone recorded that independently and we will be able to watch the speakers on you tube.
    i am still waiting for events like that in london or anywhere in uk. any news about it, please post them.

  4. I have been told that they recorded the conference and will be posting it on YouTube. I’ll let you know when that happens.

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