Azadî Friday: from Qamişlo to Houran

20 May 2011

Îna Azadî   جمعة آزادي   Freedom Friday

Kurdish opposition sites on Facebook have come together to make Şoreşa Ciwanên Kurd the official FB site of the Kurdish revolution in Syria and they are calling this Friday ‘Îna Azadî’ or Freedom Friday in Kurdish. Other opposition FB groups have followed suit and put up banners that have ‘azadî’ in Kurdish, and also spelled out in Arabic letters ( آزادي). Many have also included the Arabic word for freedom (الحرية). Some sites have included the tag lines ‘From Qamişlo to Houran’ to show support for protesters nationwide, and ‘The Syrian people will not be humiliated.’ Everyone will be protesting tomorrow to demand freedom and the restoration of dignity to the people.

Below are some of the creative banners on these FB sites.

4 thoughts on “Azadî Friday: from Qamişlo to Houran

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