The Kurds of Syria: from the latest Syrian Studies Association newsletter

The Kurds of Syria is the focus of the latest issue of the Syrian Studies Association (SSA) Newsletter (Vol XVI No. 1, Spring 2011)

Below are the articles from this latest SSA newsletter with links to the full article at the SSA website. If you wish to download the entire 52-page newsletter, click here (.pdf).

Scholarship on the Kurds in Syria: A History and State of the Art Assessment (Jordi Tejel)

A summary of the history of scholarship on the Kurds of Syria from the beginning of French Mandate to the present with emphasis on the importance of historical context in evaluating the current state of Kurdish affairs in Syria.

Studying the Kurds in Syria: Challenges and Opportunities (Robert Lowe)

This article provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities of studying the Kurds in Syria.

Ten Years of Bashar al‑Asad and No Compromise with the Kurds (Eva Savelsberg and Siamend Hajo)

The Kurdish population of Syria continues to suffer significant human rights violations at the hands of Syrian security forces ten years into Bashar al-Asad’s presidency. The resulting tensions led to an unprecedented uprising across Kurdish Syria in 2004.

Sufism among the Kurds in Syria (Paulo Pinto)

Sufism has a pervasive presence in the religious and cultural life of the Kurds in Syria. The vast majority of them are Sunni Muslims and their Islamic practices and beliefs are marked by a strong influence of Sufism. This analysis shows how Sufi communities and holy places constitute social spaces where discrete articulations between Muslim identities and Kurdish ethnicity emerge, allowing the Kurds to mobilize various forms of affirming cultural distinctiveness and negotiating their insertion in the Syrian society.

Book Reviews

A Work of Reference on Syria’s Kurds (Boris James)

Jordi Tejel, Syria’s Kurds: History, Politics and Society. New York: Routledge, 2009. 208 pages.

Syria’s Undocumented Kurds (Ahmet Serdar Akturk)

Nevzat Bingöl, Suriye’nin Kimliksizleri Kürtler (Syria’s Undocumented Kurds). Istanbul: Elma, 2004.


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