Updates on today’s demonstrations: Qamişlo, Amûde, Derbasiyyeh, ‘Afrin, …

Protests are happening all over Syria today, with thousands in the streets everywhere. Here are a few translated updates from some Twitter feeds I’ve been following, from oldest (about 2 hours ago, 2.30pm in Syria) to newest (about 10 minutes ago). Most of these are from TheNewSyrianet and SyriaKurdishRev.

• Qamişlo: The start of mass demonstration in support of a Dera’a and all the besieged cities

• Mass demonstrations in Qamişlo and Derbasiyyeh,  shouting ‘with our blood with our souls we will sacrifice for you Dera’a’

• Al-Raqqa: a big demonstration in front of the Grand Mosque and Rashid Garden

• URGENT – Amûde: a mass rally in Amûde

• The start of demonstrations in cities Qamişlo and Amûde and Derbasiyeh and Serê Kaniyê and they are chanting for freedom and dignity and for the city of Dera’a and other besieged cities, in the face of the Syrian regime’s machine of repression.

• Thousands of Kurds protesting eastern Syria

• Demonstrations starting in the city of Ras Al-Ain (Kobanî)

• Most of the demonstrations are in the Kurdish cities of Qamişlo, Amûde and Derbasiyeh

• Reports of demonstrations in the countryside around Aleppo, north of Aleppo in Afrin

A few videos:

From Qamişlo

From Amûde

From Derbasiyyeh


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