Day of Defiance: demonstrations in Qamişlo

After Friday prayers demonstrators came out in force in Qamişlo today. The demonstration started at the Qasmo mosque and continued through the city. Witnesses estimated the crowd at 5,000 and they were chanting slogans against the Syrian regime and its repressive policies against the demonstrators and the siege imposed on the city of Dera’a, the symbol of resistance against the Syria regime. Protesters shouted for freedom and democracy, carrying Syrian flags and pictures of martyrs and political prisoners.

Some slogans and banners included:

– Azadî, Azadî (freedom, freedom)

– One, one, one…the Syrian people are one (united)

– With our souls, with our blood, we will sacrifice for you, Dera’a

– Remove the siege, remove the siege!

– The people want a new constitution which incorporates all sects and ethnic groups in the country

– God, Syria and freedom and that’s it

– Constitutional recognition of Kurdish nationality as the second nationality in the country

– People want to break the siege of Dera’a and Banyas

– The Maktoumin [unregistered stateless Kurds] are without citizenship.


Original story in Arabic from The New Syria Net (Sûriya Nû) here.


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