Information on Kurdish role in the uprising in Syria

There aren’t many places on the web to go for current information and updates about the Kurds in Syria and their participation in the uprising. Below are a few of the ones I’ve seen and used to get information. Most are in Arabic though and almost nothing is available in Kurdish or English. Probably one of the better sites right now is Sûriya Nû (both the Arabic and Kurdish sections). Even the sites that say they have pages in several languages are often only updating the Arabic-language pages at the moment.

Kurdistan Commentary does not necessarily endorse the websites below, nor does a site’s inclusion indicate that it is of high quality. Some are, some aren’t. Some of the websites below write their own stories, others just copy and paste from those who write them without giving credit. You’ll figure out which ones are which.

If you know of other sites, please enter them in the comments section below and we’ll add them to the resource list here.



Actualidad Kurda  (Spanish)

Ala Azadi (Arabic)

Birati (Arabic)

Gemya Kurda (Arabic)

Kurdistana Binxetê (Arabic)

Kurdistan Commentary, section on Syria  (English)

Mesopotamische Gesellschaft, section on West Kurdistan (English, German)

Nasnamame (Arabic)

Soparo (Arabic)

Support Kurds (English)

Sûriya Nû (Arabic, Kurdish, German, English)

Welatê Me  (Arabic; Kurdish)



Kurdish Organisation for Defence of Democratic Freedoms and Human Rights in Syria, DAD (Arabic)

KurdWatch (English)

Kurdistan National Assembly – Syria (English)


Kurdish Political Parties in Syria:

PYD: Kurdish Democratic Union Party (Arabic)

PYKS: Kurdish Yekîtî Party in Syria  (Arabic)

PDPKS: Partiya Dîmoqratî Pêşverû Kurdî li Sûriya (Arabic)

Alparty (Arabic)



ثورة الشباب الكردي – Şoreşa Ciwanên Kurd (Arabic)

S.N.N | شبكة شام (Arabic)

The Syrian Revolution 2011 الثورة السورية ضد بشار الاسد (Arabic)

Syrian Uprising 2011 Information Centre (English)



@SyriaKurdishRev (Arabic)

@kurdcomment (English)

@alaazadi (Arabic)

@TheNewSyrianet (Arabic)


Other, more general, Syrian human rights organisations:

Syria Human Rights Information Link (English, Arabic)

Committees for the Defense of Democracy Freedoms and Human Rights in Syria (Arabic)

Syrian Observatory on Human Rights (Arabic)


4 thoughts on “Information on Kurdish role in the uprising in Syria

  1. Kurdish Rights is great and I follow them on Twitter. I didn’t add them to the list here though as I was looking for more Syria-focused sources.

  2. Syrian Uprising 2011 Information Centre on Facebook sometimes/often mentions Kurds’ role in events in Syria. Publishes lots & lots of videos of protestors’ experiences.

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