Raids and arrests in Amûde and Qamişlo

The Syrian-Kurdish website Sûriya Nû as well as the news site Soparo are reporting that Syrian Military security forces have raided the homes of many Kurdish citizens in the town of Amûde, located just west of Qamişlo. At around 6pm GMT telephone lines and cell phone service were cut to Amûde, Qamişlo and Derbasiyya. The news site Soparo had reported earlier that all lines of communication had been cut to the area. Reports also say that security barriers have been set up on roads leading into and out of the area.

Many young activists were arrested including one correspondent for the news site Soparo. Military security had been threatening political activists in the area with arrest if they continued to demonstrate.

Security forces have also begun a military campaign in Qamişlo arresting at least ten people, including Abdul Samad Omar, the Imam who gave the Friday sermon yesterday at Qasmo mosque in that city. During the sermon he encouraged people to continue demonstrating against the regime to stop the bloodbath occurring in other cities in Syria. His call to continue the demonstrations was met with a round of applause inside the mosque. Also arrested was Sheikh Abdul Qadir Khaznawi, an educator and human rights activist. Two other men arrested in Qamişlo are Osama Mansour al-Hilali and Hussein Saeed Muhammed.

Arrests of members of the Kurdish Yekîtî Party of Syria, a poet, and several young activists in Qamişlo and Ra’s al-‘Ayn (Serê Kaniyê) were reported earlier in the week.

Some of those arrested today in Amûde include Anwar al-Kurdi Nasau (artist, activist, and former detainee), Abdullah ‘Awjah (engineer and activist), Kendal Rashid Kurd, and Fahad Hassan Xani. Many others have been detained but their names are not known at this point.

Kurdish youth groups are calling for sit-ins in front of security headquarters until those detained have been released.

Video of demonstrations in Amûde yesterday:

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