Azadî Friday

Activists are calling for big rallies to be held tomorrow, 29 April, dubbed ‘Azadî Friday’, using the Kurdish word for freedom as a gesture of national unity. The poster on the left, in Arabic, reads:

29 April,

Azadî/Freedom Friday

all Syrians,

one hand.

The organisers are mostly Kurds (Kurdish Youth Uprising Movement, The Jezira Youth Movement for Civil Society, Coalition of Kurdish Youth Movements, etc), but the idea has been adopted by many Syrian Arab activists as well.

They say that the regime is becoming increasingly brutal in the way in which it is dealing with demonstrators and they are calling on Syrians of all backgrounds and from all over the country to show solidarity and to take part in demonstrations and sit-ins tomorrow.

Each successive Friday’s protest has grown larger than the previous one. And with it, increased brutality by the regime. We shall see how the regime responds to Azadî Friday and increased Kurdish participation in the struggle for freedom in Syria.

1 thought on “Azadî Friday

  1. Last I checked it was called ‘Friday of Anger’, not surprising of course. One wouldn’t expect the “Good-hearted, freedom-demanding” Arabs to utter a Kurdish word at any time.

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