Kurdish politics in Syria: a ‘Webliography’ from Chatham House

In February Chatham House put out a Webliography of articles and resources on Kurdish politics in Syria. Given the events in Syria at the moment, it’s a timely resource. And Kurdistan Commentary got included! Below is a list of their resources. If you want to download the original 3-page .pdf version of their webliography, click here.

Selected Webliography

Kurdish politics and Syria, Chatham House Library and Information Service, February 2011

The following is a select list of websites, articles and books on Kurdish politics and Syria, [most] available on the web.

To find out about Chatham House’s research, analysis and events on Kurdish politics and Syria, please visit the Middle East and North Africa Programme’s site.

To search our Library catalogue for books, articles and papers on Kurdish politics, please visit our site.

General Sites

Amnesty International – Syria

Human Rights Watch

Kurdistan National Assembly – Syria


Political Resources on the Net – Kurdistan

Rojhelat- The Kurdish Observer

Support Kurds in Syria


Amnesty International: Trial of Kurds in Syria likely to be a ‘parody of justice’. Amnesty International, 15 December 2009

Arsu, Sebnem: Turkey says Syria detains 400 Kurdish separatists. New York Times, 1 July 2010

Damascus Bureau: Syrian Kurds – bolder, but still oppressed. Damascus Bureau, 27 July 2010

Ismaeel, Bashdar Pusho: The plight of the Syrian Kurds: the forgotten kindred. Kurdish Globe, 30 January 2011

Kurdistan Commentary: Syrian Kurds in Europe, 2010: migration, asylum, and deportation. Kurdistan Commentary, 19 December 2010

Lowe, Robert: Kurds in Syria: from the shadows. World Today, Vol 61, No 11, November 2005, pp 7-8

Spyer, Jonathan: The forgotten minority. GLORIA Center, 9 July 2010

Documents, Books and Papers

Austrian Red Cross and the Danish Immigration Service: Human rights issues concerning Kurds in Syria: report from a joint fact-finding mission (.pdf)…21 January to 8 February 2010. Vienna: Austrian Red Cross, 2010

Human Rights Watch: Group denial: repression of Kurdish political and cultural rights in Syria. New York: Human Rights Watch, 2009

Human Rights Watch: Repression of Kurds in Syria. IN A wasted decade: human rights in Syria during Bashar al-Asad’s first ten years in power. New York: Human Rights Watch, 2010

Human Rights Watch: Syria: the silenced Kurds. New York: Human Rights Watch, 2006

Lowe, Robert: The Kurdish policy imperative. London: Royal Institute of International Affairs, 2010 (overview of book)

Lowe, Robert: The Syrian Kurds: a people discovered (.pdf). London: Royal Institute of International Affairs, 2006

Lynch, Maureen and Ali, Perveen: Buried alive: stateless Kurds in Syria (.pdf). Washington: Refugees International, 2006

Mella, Jawad: Western Kurdistan which is occupied by Syria (.pdf). London: Western Kurdistan Association, 2007

Montgomery, Harriet: The Kurds of Syria: an existence denied. Berlin: Europäisches Zentrum für Kurdische Studien, 2005 (executive summary, .pdf)

Rojhelat-The Kurdish Observer: The current situation of the Kurds in Syria. [s.l.]: Rojhelat, 2011

Tejel, Jordi: Syria’s Kurds: history, politics and society. Abingdon: Routledge, 2009 (on Google books)

Troyansky, Vladimir and Bengio, Ofra: Facing the Ba’th: the Syrian Kurdish awakening (.pdf). Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University, Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, 2010

Yildiz, Kerim: The Kurds in Syria: the forgotten people. London: Pluto Press, 2005 (overview)

Ziadeh, Radwan: The Kurds in Syria: fueling separatist movements in the region? (.pdf) Washington: United States Institute of Peace, 2009

If you have any comments or queries relating to this list or any other research issues, please contact us on 020 7957 5723 or libenquire@chathamhouse.org.uk


For articles on Kurdistan Commentary about Syria, click here.


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