Harassment of Kurds in Syria by State Security on the rise

Qamişlo/Photo credit: Gemya Kurda

Since the lifting of the Emergency Law in Syria there has been a marked increase in detentions of Kurdish activists. Soparo reported that both State and Military Security have been summoning activists in Qamişlo, Amûde, Serê Kaniyê (Ras al-‘Ayn) and other Kurdish towns for their participation in recent demonstrations.

Beginning yesterday dozens of activists have been summoned on charges of incitement and participation in demonstrations. State Security Intelligence levelled threats of arrest against them if they continued to take part in rallies. One of the many detained by State Security in Qamişlo was one member of the Yekîtî Party, Nawaf Rasheed, as well as a political activist who had been in custody for six hours. There was no further news about him at the time Soparo published the article earlier today.

Kurdish political parties are clearly caught between the desires of the Kurdish population for more rights and the state security apparatus that do not want to see demonstrations in Kurdish areas rise to the levels of those in western Syria.

Source: Soparo

5 thoughts on “Harassment of Kurds in Syria by State Security on the rise

  1. meaning, kaka gyan – thats its exactly the kind of answer which i expected from syria. thats how they reply for – “diplomatic gesture by the Kurds” as kak NC called it. thats how syria reply Kurds who carried syriani flag. do you still believe in dialoque with enemies? do you still believe that kissing their hands (‘diplomatic gestures”) will give any benefit to Kurds, except represions?

  2. Kulka…this just might be what changes the delicate balance there. There have been more arrests and protests are scheduled for tomorrow in Qamişlo to demand their release. Everyone is very angry that this is happening.

  3. In bashuri Kurdistan protesters are also arrested – but in this case not by enemies, although… how to call those who are breaking human rights of their own citizens? and i dont mean those who throw stones – they shouldnt do that of course and those who act like that act in fact against the interest of protesters. But people who call for peacefull demonstration were arrested and beaten as well, also journalists – is it democracy?
    they burnt down the place on Sarai Azadi, where i stood in front of few hundreds people and where i said to them:
    …hamuu jiyanm ba qurban kurdistan bet. kurdistanm zor xosh dawe, hamutanm zor xosh dawe…
    they burnt down this place, they burnt down my heart.

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