Azadî, azadî, azadî!

Protests continue in Qamişlo, with shouts calling for freedom first in Arabic  ‘hurriyeh, hurriyeh, hurriyeh’ and then they switch to Kurdish, shouting ‘azadî, azadî, azadî.’ One of the signs in the crowd reads [in Arabic]: ‘We demand the release of prisoners of conscience’ (نطالب بالافراج عن معتقلي الرأي و لضمير).


4 thoughts on “Azadî, azadî, azadî!

  1. thats great – our people in west are fighting as well!!! i am proud of them!

    by the way… KURDISTAN IS DEFINATELY THE MOST WONDERFUL PLACE ON PLANET EARTH – i know what i am saying, i was there :))))

  2. Kulka!!!! Nice to see your comments again! Hope you had an amazing time in Kurdistan. Looking forward to hearing about the trip, learning about your impressions and seeing photos. KB

  3. slaw! it was more than amazing! i cried on the airport, kurdish lady who checked my passport asked me what happened. she was born in iran near Caspyan Sea, but now she is living in Kurdistan.
    For my experiences and pics you will have to wait a bit, coz at the moment i am writting about my trip for polish website, coz these poor polish people dont know anything about Kurdistan, then i will write on my english language blog.
    my thoughts are still there – today i tried to wash my hair with conditioner, not with shampoo :))) – my brain is busy with memories. i miss this country so much…

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