More updates on the demonstrations in Kurdistan

More updates from W. Karda. Click on photos to see more of them at Rawaz Rauf’s facebook page.

– The 25th of February has been set as the date for a mass protest throughout the whole of Iraq under the banner No to robbery and corruption.

– Some media outlets have started to write ‘Freedom Square’ instead of ‘Bar Darky Sara Square’, naming it after the famous Egyptian ‘Tahrir (Freedom) Square.’

– Another political party, PCDK, has blamed both PUK and KDP for what happened on Thursday, and demanded they ‘re-check their wrong policies.’

– The protesters have come up with a statement of seven points, which includes (Withdrawal of the Zeravani army and courting those who shot at the crowd on Thursday). They say that the government has only 24 hours to implement these points or else they will resume protests. More here and here.

– A shootout started in Darbandikhan city, which was the result of a fight between college students and police. This led to large-scale protests in the city as well in which protesters are chanting “We are all Rezhwan”. It is reported than in Kalar people are on the move as well to stage a demonstration.

– Another Gorran HQ was set ablaze, this time in Shaqlawa, a resort town in Hawlêr.

– Nawshirwan Mustafa, head of Gorran, refuted the claims that he had fled the country and said he is in Silemani, he stated that ‘[i]t is normal for anyone to travel, right now the president (Massud Barzani) is out of the country and nobody says he has fled.’ He also stated ‘We have said before that those channels (media) are based on (lies) and (money), their lies are starting to appear and the people are about to take their money away from them as well.’

It is reported that, opposite to what was claimed earlier, no arrest warrant has been issued for Faruq Rafiq.

– Gorran finally revealed its formal position by stating ‘We are inline with the people’s demands and requests (the seven issued points).’ They have also come up with their own statement in which they demand five points from the government including: Forming an investigation team, charging those who shot at people, withdrawal of the army from the city, freeing all those who were arrested and are kept in jail, and listening to protesters and fulfilling their demands.

– Earlier today, it was reported that this night all of the political parties will gather to discuss the latest developments with the Islamic Union spearheading the call for such negotiations. But still, there is no news such a meeting has taken place. Awene reported that this Monday, all sides will meet in order to calm the situation and re-stabilize the region.

– Tomorrow protests will be held in both Sweden and London in support of the protests of Silemani.

– Students from the University of Silemani have stated that they will not enter classrooms until their demands are met.

6 thoughts on “More updates on the demonstrations in Kurdistan

  1. It is truly shameful for Kurds to ask Kurdish force to leave Kurdish town while they are silent about Turkish force and Tanks stationed in all around Kurdish region of so call Iraq.

    The only explanation is that they are in bed with Turks too like others who allowed Turks come to KRG and gain wealth at expense of Kurds. So what are we changing? It is then power no more no less. It is not about the people not about better life for Kurds, it is about goran taking over. So better kiss freedom for Kurds good bye, if goran comes to power.

    It is such infighting that keeps Kurds achieving freedom. They rather have non Kurds rule them than a Kurd.

  2. how do you think – who till now allow turks to stay in Kurdistan? Who didnt do anything about it and who sold Kurdish land inch byt inch to turkich business? Slemanyi people? i dont think so. These people have enough also because of the things that you wrote – because dear government kissing enemies hands, instead of looking after Kurdistan. Its not the matter of putting goran to power – its the matter of getting rid of dictators.
    how can you call those who shot to unarmed people – “kurdish force”? sorry but they have nothing to do with “kurdish”, with kurdawari, they are not kurdish for me. even turks dont treat kurdish people like they were treated by “forces” in Slemanyi.
    you know what is shameful? killing your own people – only for throwning stones. And they dont throw these stones without reason – b y the way.
    where is president of Kurdistan? i didnt see him on tv for the last two days – if something like that is taking place in the country isnt it president duty to say at least one f*** word? if his hands and heart are clean, where is he?
    maybe they should drop chemicals on Slaemanyi. should they? to silence these “bad” people????? these “shameful” people?

    i dont like whats going on, but ONLY because people put their lives in risk – but at the same time i understand them very well.

    sorry kak KB, for my comment – but when i see words like that when the innocent kids blood is on kurdish streets, i just cant hold myself.

  3. Several years ago, some hundred students organized a demonstration against Turkey and its policy towards Kurdish people here and their. The KRG cracked down the protest violently. They detained all the protesters, tortured them and then asked for apology from the Turkey government. I am sure that you have not heard that story yet!Or you are not interested in that. So, as you noticed, the protesters have an eye on the outside world, as well the the in-line conflicts and violations of human rights. Furthermore, once the PCDK, Kurdish Democratic Solution Party founded in the region that its basis concern has been the Turkey’s denial of the rights of people, the KRG banned the party from operating within the region’s territory, responding to the pressures being put on the KRG by Turkey.

  4. No, I had not heard about these demonstrations. Thanks for letting me know. In which city/cities did these demonstrations take place?

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