Video: No friends but the mountains

No Friends but the Mountains
A nomadic Kurdish family raises sheep near the Iranian border.

A video by Shivan Sito of the Tiziano Project.

Shivan lives and works in Hewlêr (Erbil), primarily as a graphic designer and is also an aspiring photographer.

Shivan says he ‘would like to make documentaries about problems which are pandemic in Kurdistan region, like children working and honor killings. Also, it would be nice to make documentaries also about Kurdish traditions, ancient places and new aspects of Kurdish society in the last decade.’ [from The Tiziano Project website].

You can see Shivan’s photography on his flickr site here.


One thought on “Video: No friends but the mountains

  1. I am proud that i am Kurd, coz Kurdistan is nice :))) – i agree 100% !!! But i need to add: Kurdistan is nice and Kurds are great!

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