Poll finds Turks and Kurds are brothers!

Eye chart reads: Kurd; General says 'Turk!'; Erdoğan says 'Voter!'

Yesterday findings were announced from a survey carried out amongst readers of three leading Turkish newspapers: Zaman, Cumhuriyet and Hürriyet. The conclusion was that there is no strong ethnic polarisation in Turkey! One of the reasons must be, as the readers think, that Kurds and Turks have been brothers for a thousand years.

The survey was aimed at learning about the perceptions of respondents regarding the relations between Turks and Kurds in Turkey. Two professors polled 829 readers in Ankara. To see the original article with the results, click here. The article didn’t say whether or not the respondents were Kurds or Turks, but the way the questions were phrased, it seems that they were designed by Turks for Turks.

These respondents were given a series of statements to which they had to select whether or not they agreed with the statement using the following scale:
0. No answer, 1. Strongly disagree, 2. Disagree, 3. Neither agree not disagree, 4. Agree, 5. Strongly agree and 6. No idea.

I would like to know how the readers of Kurdistan Commentary would respond to the same statements. Below are a few of them. (Number 6 however, was not on the original survey).

1. Kurds and Turks have been brothers for a thousand years.

2. Kurds, but for a small number of members of terrorist organisations, are loyal to Turkey.

3. Steps should be taken in the field of democracy and human rights as well as producing economic and social projects for the settlement of the Kurdish question.

4. Kurds are an inseparable part of Turkey.

5. I support the idea of being close friends with Turks. (original statement said ‘Kurds’)

6. I am: Kurdish-Turkish-Both-Neither

Please respond to the six statements below so we can compare your votes with their results. The poll will be up for a week. I want at least 829 votes!


4 thoughts on “Poll finds Turks and Kurds are brothers!

  1. As for the first question – i dont know about thousands years – to be honest, but in my opinion Kurds present friendly attitude generally to most of the world – but most of the world dont care about Kurds and dont show any will to be “brothers”.

    As for the second question – for me its insult to call Kurds “members of terrorist organisation” – specially if we all know what organisation is in discuss – PKK is not “terrorist organisation”. so when i answered question number 2 – i consider the part about “terorist organisation” as non-existing.

    Well, what can i say – according to popular book, called “Bible” two boys, named Kain and Abel was brothers as well (real brothers). Unfortunately one of them killed the other… At tyhe time when Soviet Union controlled some eastern European countries, there was a strong tendency to call russion opressors “brothers” – so i think its common attidute among tyrrans to create artificial “brotherhood” between them and their victims, which gives the tyrrans more psychical comfort of being more safe with what they doing.

  2. Hi Kulka,
    Yes, I agree about your assessment of the second question. But this is the way it was phrased in the original survey and I didn’t change it specifically to show its bias.

  3. i know. i pass the link to my kurdish forum, hope my brothers will be helpfull.

    34 days left to my trip :))))

  4. we are all human we all will face god one day and we are responsible for our sins and hatred and killing because according to holy scripts we were all one nation before so you judge…

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