Video: What if you were born a Kurd?

new video from Kurdish Rights


3 thoughts on “Video: What if you were born a Kurd?

  1. what can i say? only : i know. and i will do everything to make others to know.

  2. I did not like the phrase “your fellow countrymen”.

    My fellow countrymen are not Turks or Arabs or Persians.

    My land is under occupation by those nations.

    Why shall we have to live on our land under occupation?

    Why shall others use our natural resources and commit genocide against us, with the money they get using our own natural resources?

    These criminal states continue to commit genocide on our land against the Kurdish nation.

    They just have to leave and their criminal elements have to be brought to justice in an international tribunal.

    As long as, as Kurds, we sing a different song, we will not succeed.

    As long as, we ask Syria for citizenship, instead of asking them to end their occupation of Kurdistan and leave we are doomed.

    What has happened to human dignity?

    How can a 40 million nation live under occupation by 6 other nations?

    That defies human dignity!

    I have a dream and that is an independent Kurdistan, where I like other nations live free of oppression from occupation of other nations.

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