First Kurdish undergraduate programme in Turkey

Muş Alparslan University (MŞÜ), a newly founded public university, has announced that it will open Turkey’s first Kurdish Language and Literature Department, offering a 4-year undergraduate degree. The university decided to open the department during a meeting late last month and will start accepting students in 2014.  The university aims to be a research university in the region and a leading internationalised, contemporary university with universal values.

‘The Kurdish Language and Literature Department was an issue on our agenda. YÖK (Turkish Council of Higher Education) approved the project we had presented and gave permission for the foundation of the department. This way Kurdish will be a known language,’ said University Rector Nihat Inanç.  Inanç was appointed as MŞÜ Rector in September 2008 by Abdullah Gül.

Kurdish will no longer be an unspoken language says Inanç

The university also has plans to cooperate with universities from northern Iraq, Iran and France on Kurdish language and literature. ‘We will have meetings with universities from northern Iraq and Iran. There is also a department in France. We might get in touch with them.’

Mardin Artuklu University’s Living Languages Institute already offers a graduate programme with master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Kurdish language and culture.

Last month MŞÜ sent out a call for applications for full-time positions in Kurdish Language and Literature.


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