Babysitting rule #1: Do not watch TRT6

Rule #1: Do not watch TRT6

A mother of six, Şeriban Kurnazoğlu, who earns her life by babysitting in Serik, just east of the city of Antalya, was fired from her job for watching TRT6.

Kurnazoğlu moved to the Antalya region from Mardin 17 years ago. She became disabled in 2003 after an accident damaged her leg. After that she then started to babysit to make a financial contribution to the family, while her children were working in nearby orange groves.

Kurnazoğlu said that in Antalya she and her family had been living away from their own language and culture for 17 years. She didn’t know a word of Turkish when she arrived in Antalya. She persevered though, struggling she said, against a ‘Turkish’ life that was imposed on her.

Last week Şeriban Kurnazoğlu was babysitting for a family for whom she had been working for two years. When the parents returned home, Kurnazoğlu was watching TV. A normal activity for babysitters. But Kurnazoğlu was watching TRT6, the state-run TV channel that broadcasts in Kurdish. She was babysitting apparently for a Turkish family because the father became enraged when he saw that she was watching TV in Kurdish.

He shouted: ‘This is Turkey and you are in my home. You are poisoning my child against the Turkish people by watching Kurdish channels.’ He told her he could no longer trust her with his child under these circumstances and summarily dismissed her, saying, ‘Don’t come here again.’

I guess she should have been watching Sakarya Fırat on TRT1 or maybe Kurtlar Vadisi: Pusu.

Original story from ANF.


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