Qaddafi stirs it up at Arab League


Dialogue at most recent Arab League summit:

Qaddafi (Libyan leader): There is also the Kurdish nation, a big nation and is neighbouring us. They have the right to unite and become independent.


Walid al-Mu’allem (Syrian foreign minister): We have no comment on Mr Qaddafi’s words except for the part of the Kurds, we are not in support of creating a Kurdish independent state.

Qaddafi: You claim to be a Ba’athist and your slogan is ‘Unity, Freedom, and Socialism’…If you do not recognise the freedoms of others, then you are not honest with your own principles.


Hoshyar Zebari (Iraqi foreign minister and a Kurd)  Applauded loudly for Qaddafi.

Walid al-Mu’allem (to Zebari) : Oh, you finally unmasked yourself.

Hoshyar Zebari: You are the one who unmasked yourself.


(excerpted from a story at Rudaw)

2 thoughts on “Qaddafi stirs it up at Arab League

  1. To be honest, the guy isn’t that bright himself. But after all, beggars can’t be choosers.

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