Roj-TV trial to begin on Tuesday


Protest in Berlin: 'Hands off Roj-TV'


The trial against Roj-TV is set to begin on Tuesday, 19 October in Copenhagen at the City Court.  As reported earlier in a case overview by Kurdistan Commentary an indictment was issued against the Kurdish satellite TV station and its parent company, Mesopotamia Broadcast A/S METV. The indictment against the station was filed by the Danish Prosecutor General’s office for violation of Penal Code §114e. Under this provision in Danish law, it is an offence for a person, group, or association to promote the affairs of a terrorist organisation. The indictment is for ‘promoting the affairs of the terrorist organisation, PKK’ (Kurdistan Workers’ Party or Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan in Kurdish).

Protests in support of Roj-TV have been held in Europe and Turkey during the past week.  Demonstrators took to the streets in Izmir (Turkey) and Berlin (Germany). In Brussels last week, more than 100 members of the Roj-TV staff staged a demonstration to vocalise their displeasure with the case against their station.  They held up a red, green and yellow banner in French reading ‘Roj-Tv est la voix du peuple Kurde’ (Roj-TV is the voice of the Kurdish people).

video clip of Roj-TV employees demonstrating in Brussels

In a press release by Roj-TV staff they say the case against Roj-TV is

in line with the request of [the] Turkish state and the international forces, is not only an injustice committed against Kurds but also a big blow to the freedom of thought and information. It is a massacre against thought and more importantly, it is an intervention, which does not regard the will, language, culture, art and political identity of the Kurds whose population has reached 40 million in the world.

The Turkish state is persecuting the Kurdish media within its borders, whilst at the same time doing its utmost to try to silence the Kurdish press and media outside of its borders. With its policy of persecuting Kurdish press and media, freedom of thought, Turkey is well-known around the world for its disrespect for the freedom of speech, free media and thought. Using every diplomatic opportunity both locally and internationally, the Turkish state has always stated that criminalising the Kurdish cause and bringing onboard international support is directly link to the ineffectiveness of Kurdish media and press and in particular ROJ TV. The Turkish state war against Kurdish media and press is somewhat significant. In this war, it firstly censors the Kurdish media after which it issues millions of pounds and issues years of prison sentences, and if these do not work it results to the full closure. In essence, alongside its diplomatic attempts the Turkish government has utilized millions of dollars at trying to close down ROJ TV. When it could not defeat the consciousness of the international community, Turkey has tried to gain the support of individual countries. Clearly, The Danish Prosecutor indictment against ROJ TV is an indication of these dirty politics based on self-interest. As indicated above, The Turkish state has utilized all its attempts to try to silence ROJ TV both within Europe and Denmark. The Copenhagen Prosecutor contains the complaints directly advocated by Turkey.

For the full press release see Libre News, Roj-TV employees staged protest in Brussels.

In response to a question posed on Twitter by one of his followers, senior Roj-TV official Amed Dicle (@AmedDcle) said the chances of the closure of Roj-TV are ‘fifty-fifty.’


Street demonstrations in support of Roj-TV in Izmir


Partial timeline of events in Roj-TV’s history:

• 09 December 2003: Roj-TV receives broadcasting licence in Denmark

• 01 March 2004: Roj-TV begins broadcasting

• July 2005: Investigation begins

• November 2005: Turkish PM Erdoğan refuses to attend press conference with Danish counterpart Rasmussen because Roj-TV was present

• May 2007: Danish Radio and Television Board announces that Roj-TV has not violated any laws regarding incitement to hatred or violence

• 24 February 2008: Belgian officials fine Roj-TV €4.25m (later annulled)

• 19 June 2008: Germany bans Roj-TV broadcasts

• mid-2008: Zonoozi steps down from position as head of Roj-TV in Denmark

• 01 April 2009: Danish prosecutors sent to Ankara to investigate links between Roj-TV and the PKK

• 04 April 2009: Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen selected to be NATO’s next Secretary General

• 01 August 2009: Rasmussen becomes NATO Secretary General

• 24 February 2010: German ban on Roj-TV abolished

• 04 March 2010: Roj-TV offices raided in Belgium


Copenhagen City Court


• May 2010: Zonoozi goes to Berlingske Tidene to give his story

• 31 August 2010: Danish Prosecutor General’s office announces indictment against Roj-TV; offices raided; bank accounts confiscated

• 07 October 2010 Prosecutor Lise-Lotte Nilas asked the Copenhagen district court to revoke Roj-TV’s broadcasting licence

• 19 October 2010 Trial begins in Copenhagen

30 thoughts on “Roj-TV trial to begin on Tuesday

  1. first of all there is no realiable evidence that PKK is terrorist organization. And i think everybody knows that, otherwise i would be already in prison for supporting them. sad and disgusting… shame for you, Europe! big shame!

  2. kulka, There is plenty of evidence that the PKK is a bloody terrorist organisation that targets civilians as well as the Turkish army. Because of this evidence, the PKK is on the Terrorist List in the EU and US as well most other countries around the world. What is sad and disgusting is your support for this terrorist organisation. Perhaps you should be locked up for supporting the PKK

  3. Perhabs i should be :))) . And you know calling anyone (or any organisation) “terrorist” with NO EVIDENCE for that is a crime as well. maybe you should be locked up for that offence? And i would appreciate for showing me that “evidence” that you spoke about.
    BIJI PKK!!! BIJI KAK ABDULLA OCALAN!!! (that means “long live” in english, dear Charlie, whoever you are)

  4. by the way – if you would like to send police to lock me up – i live in Wolverhampton, Owen Road, Pennfields.

  5. I know what Biji means thank you kulka. I am not the one who decided that the PKK are a terrorist organisation, the international community decided that without my help.

    PS It sounds like your inviting me up to Wolverhampton to place you in handcuffs?? What would your father say?

  6. poor hatiu, i dont invite YOU (if you can read with understanding) – i write that you can send police to arrest me. and the last two sentences of your comment tells everything about your personality. at least now i can understand what is the basis of your activity in internet – some kind of flustration.

    PS – putting myself in your low level of personal cuture i will answer you:
    i will see what my father would say, after he will finish with your mother. Nice and funny “joke”?

  7. My basis and activity on here is to put idiots like you in your place for supporting an internationally recognised terrorist organisation. Believe me, there wouldn’t be a chance in hell of me to travelling up to Wolverhampton from London to meet a Kurd by the name of kulka. ROJ TV is a terrorist mouthpiece and I hope they close it down once and for all. You live in a civilised country now; people in civilised countries do not support terrorism or honour killings.

  8. you know what you can “put” and where? i think i dont have to tell you. and another comment showing your high personal culture of “civilized” person, using invectives instead of arguments. terrorism is to write comments like yours. and as i see you still dont understand that your barbarian face is the last thing that i would like to see in wolverhampton or anywhere in the world. but of course you scared me so much!!!! oh my god, he is in london, so close, he can travel to wolver!!! o my god how much i am scared, i will run off – buhahahaha!!!!

    “civilised country” – with the people like you – good joke.
    and good luck with your hope, poor kemalist servant. and dont forget to kiss turkish… hands every day for good morning, maybe you will get reword from them – lollypop :)))

  9. Kulka, I am beginning to think that you are suffering from mental heath problems. I find it hilarious that you are calling me a barbarian, despite the fact of your belligerent support for an internationally recognised terrorist organisation, that have in the past planted bombs in Turkish cities, which have inevitably killed many civilians. The UK also recognises the PKK as a terrorist organisation, but yet you are happy to live Wolverhampton? You do not belong in the UK, if you wish to support terrorists, and I hope that people like you are thrown out of the country. Terrorism of any kind is unacceptable in this country, or in any civilised country for that matter. There isn’t that much of a difference in supporting terrorist organisations like the PKK, than there is for supporting the 7/7 bombers or the 911 hijackers.

  10. your poor attempts to offend me with your funny comments makes me only laughing. i never said i am happy living in UK, but i am here for some reasons which are out of your business (the same as the rest of things concerning my life). And i really dont care about those who call terrorist the people fighting for rights of their occupied country and oppresed nation. During the world war polish underground fighting organisation put bombs on german trains and german restaurants, killing civilians as well – i dont remember if anyone call them terrorist. but doeant matter, explaing things like that to someone like you is wasting of time. i could say that turkls washed your brain, but in your case they would have nothing to wash in fact, except some vaccum between your ears.
    british “civilisation” can be clearly seen in british museums, where they gathered precoius things stolen all over the world, from a lot of countries and a lot cultures, including Yezidis’ holy book, which has nothing to do with UK and should be in Lalish.
    and if you represents civilisation – i am sorry for civilisation and i really prefer to stay with those “recognized as terrorists”.
    anyway is ok to have free entaertainment reading your poor attempts of being “clever” :)))))

  11. P.S. you used the expression “terrorist organisation” (not counting the word “terrorist” and its variations) – 7 times in 4 posts – is it a kind of obsession, excuse me? :)))

  12. Quote “first of all there is no reliable evidence that PKK is terrorist organization” Do these words sound familiar to you Kulka? If I’ve had to use variations of the word terrorist to get it through to you that the PKK are evil murders, than so be it. These people are terrorists and they have blinded you with their lies and hate. You are relying on the assumption that I do not have an understanding of the Turkish – Kurdish issue. I run a successful business in London, and have a branch office in Istanbul. I have many Turkish and Kurdish friends there. Kurds in Turkey have integrated fully into Turkish society. There are many well respected and successful Kurdish people in Turkey ranging from doctors to actors, including one of Turkeys most loved and respected Kurdish actors, Ibrahim Tatlises. Kulka, Kurdistan has never existed as a country in the entire history of planet earth. Turkey’s borders have been agreed in international treaties, namely the Lausanne treaty. Kurdistan was only ever a region, never a country. Kurds like you are disgracefully demanding land from sovereign countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria in order to form a country that nobody wants, and now the Kurds have resorted to violence to achieve their political aim. Lastly, I am glad that you do not like living here in the UK, hopefully you will be leaving soon, and I hope that you will be taking all of your fellow Kurdish terrorist supporters with you, as they and you are not welcome here.

  13. First read the articles of Sevres treaty (62-64) – if you talking aboiut the treaty. And how you dare to speak in the name of kurdish nation? maybe you dont want Kurdistan to be independent country (for some reason), but how you dare to say “nobody”. and these Kurds in Artificial country called Turkya and in occupied North Kurdistan had no choice when they WERE ASSIMILIATED by force. nobody asked them if they want to be called “mountasin turks”, instead of Kurds. But as i see you are not only psychologist (diagnosing my mental health), but also politician, histrician and sociologist – so i suggest you to leave the website in internet and open an university, where you as a “great specialist” would teach about the Middle East in the spirit of hate and disrespect of human rights.
    and hopefull i will leave soon the country which keep on thier territory facist haters and ignorants, who support breaking of basic human rights.

  14. There is no point discussing with “Charlie” he’s just like a worm that wants to show he’s butterfly… I don’t have doubt he with his racist comments and mentality against Kurdish nation is a turkish fascist nothing else otherwise everyone knows what PKK did and what turks are doing!

    I think “Charlie” was deaf when in EU they said it’s a mistake to put PKK in what so called terrorist list of EU, well all turks where become deaf and blind when they said that.

    Anyways PKK will survive because he’s a peaceful organizaiton and not only turkey, even US and some other terrorist countries cannot stop PKK because a 40 millions Kurdish nation are behind their ideology.

    I advice you to read history “Charlie” and forget your made and fake turkish history, then you’ll come to know Kurdistan and Kurds where here before your existence even so watch out when you are talking about history.

    Oh, Those Kurds whom are in turkey’s society are not by their real identity, they call themselves turks so again go and research about it then open your mouth. Kurds want their Identity and equal rights which are forbiden in terrorist and fascist state of turkey. No need to go far just read turk’s law then you’ll see they are saying all rights are legal just for turks no one else. Read more then talk.

    Soon many things will change.

    Dear Kulka please stop discussion with this turkish psycho, I’m sure he’s shameful of his nationality that’s why he came by the name Charlie. Personally I don’t want to talk with such rats it’s disgusting how they support terrorism against armless nations.

    Long Live Peace

    Down with racism

  15. “turkish psycho” – :))) – cute name, bra!

    Sevres Treaty – my gift for brave specialist in history, international law and politics science – “Charli”

    “ARTICLE 64.
    If within one year from the coming into force of the present Treaty the Kurdish peoples within the
    areas defined in Article 62 shall address themselves to the Council of the League of Nations in
    such a manner as to show that a majority of the population of these areas desires independence
    from Turkey, and if the Council then considers that these peoples are capable of such
    independence and recommends that it should be granted to them, Turkey hereby agrees to execute
    such a recommendation, and to renounce all rights and title over these areas.
    The detailed provisions for such renunciation will form the subject of a separate agreement
    between the Principal Allied Powers and Turkey.
    If and when such renunciation takes place, no objection will be raised by the Principal Allied
    Powers to the voluntary adhesion to such an independent Kurdish State of the Kurds inhabiting
    that part of Kurdistan which has hitherto been included in the Mosul vilayet.”

    Afterwards, a well-known nazist called Kemal using the balckmail, made international society to destroy all of these agreements.

    and another gift from me – some nice video of peacefull and kind turkish forces, in peacuful way persuading kurdish people that they are bad:

    I have also some nice examples of british civilization, which is carried on by english people visiting european cities, where they, being drunk, taking off clothes on the street and demolishing the pubs and night clubs, which resulted in banning english from entering a lot of pubs in poland, slovakia, czech republik and other places. well, “civilized country”….

  16. John Conrad or Kulka, whatever it is that you want to call yourself, the Treaty of Sèvres was annulled in the course of the Turkish War of Independence and the parties signed and ratified the superseding Treaty of Lausanne in 1923. If human rights in Turkey are such an issue for the Kurds, then the Kurds should go and live in North Iraq. Turkey isn’t stopping the Kurds from leaving. Let me remind you that it was the Turks who opened its borders to the Kurds when Saddam was using WMD’s against your people, and tens of thousands of Kurds poured into Turkey. The truth of the matter is that out of all the Middle Eastern countries, the Kurds are treated better in Turkey than anywhere else in the Middle East. This is a fact! Kurds that are born in Turkey are Turkish citizen, which is no different that a British born Indian man being classified as British here in the UK. You stated that the Kurds were in that region before the Turks, so should the United States give back their country to the native Indian? Should Australia be made to do the same? Whatever it is you want to say Kulka, John Conrad, or whatever it is you call yourself, the PKK is still on the European Terrorist List, and will remain on the European Terrorist list forever. You are right that things are going to change for the Kurds in the near future. Unfortunately for the Iraqi’s in Iraq, the Kurds have illegally partitioned their country, and you now require a Visa in order for an Iraqi Arab to travel to north of their own country. The Iraqi’s are furious with the Kurds. The Kurds have set up an illegal border, dividing Iraq. If I were a Kurd, I would be much more concerned about what the Iraqi’s are going to do to them after the US and coalition forces pull out Iraq.

  17. List of countries and organizations that list the Kurdistan Workers’ (PKK) Party as a terrorist group
    The PKK is listed as a terrorist organization internationally by United Nations and NATO and the following states:

    • Australia
    • Canada
    • European Union
    o Austria
    o Belgium
    o Bulgaria
    o Cyprus
    o Czech Republic
    o Denmark
    o Estonia
    o Finland
    o France
    o Germany
    o Greece
    o Hungary
    o Ireland
    o Italy
    o Latvia
    o Lithuania
    o Luxembourg
    o Malta
    o Netherlands
    o Poland
    o Portugal
    o Romania
    o Slovakia
    o Slovenia
    o Spain
    o Sweden
    o United Kingdom
    • Iraq
    • Iran
    • New Zealand
    • Syria
    • Turkey
    • United States

  18. iraqis country is iraq, not Kurdistan. North iraq is north iraq, we are not going to move there,. coz we have our country and if turks want anyone to go somewhere, ahould send themselves to their motherland mongolia. Kurdish people are in their land called North Kurdistan, which is occupied by co called turkya. they didi to us exactly the same what they did to indian in North America and Aborygens in Australia (again this “civilized” british did that crime). and once again i repeat – nobody asked Kurdish people if they want to be classified as turks, so putting this poor turkish citizenship on them is not the act of any mercy.
    but talking to that calling himself “charlie” is like talking to a brick.
    another example of the high level of civilisation in UK:
    thousands of abortions made every year by TEENAGE girls, who have casual sex with anyone. shall we call these abortions ‘hounour killing”? – as a defence of so called “honour” of these girls families.
    english so called “football supporters” makes the stadiums to be dangerous place – shall we call it “terrorism”? maybe i dont want to be terrorised by these “supportes” when i want to go see the football match and be afaraid of my health or life.
    in fact – i am in “civilized” country ….

  19. The classification of a group as a terrorist organisation is so politicised that it has become a meaningless designation.

    Take for example the US designation of the PKK as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO). One requirement to become an FTO is if the said organisation threatens US nationals or US national security. WHEN has the PKK targeted US citizens?!!?!?

    Another group, the Taliban, routinely attacks the US military in Afghanistan. Are they on the list of FTOs? No.

    The PKK made it on to the US FTO list at the behest of Turkey. Now Turkey can say it is fighting ‘terrorism’ and purchase more and more weapons from the US.

    It is all politics. Terrorism exists, but the labels and designations are all western-invented hype.

  20. The PKK made it on to the US FTO list at the behest of Turkey, as Turkey wouldn’t have allowed the US or the EU to use its bases to perpetrate their genocide of the Iraqi people. As far as Turkey is concerned, it is not important what the EU or US think. It is openly purported that the EU is helping the PKK, allowing them to facilitate businesses in the EU in order to fund terrorist activities against Turkey. ROJ TV is proof of this fact, EU double standards as usual. EU and US are wondering why the Turks are turning east. I think is fairly obvious, don’t you?

  21. coz UE exactly knows that PKK are freedom fighters not terrorists, otherwise wouldnt do that – its obvious. but as always turkey is desperately trying to do everything (using not fair methods) to keep kurdish land within the artificial borders of turkey, coz they exactly know that if they will loose these territories the only onme thing they will be able to do will be sitting at the EU doorstep with the hat in front of them and begging for a change coins.

  22. Kulka, you are insane!! You are not worth arguing with, it is hopeless to convince you that you are wrong, despite all the facts.

    So, let’s agree that the world is wrong and Kulka and a few militant minded Kurds are right. As long as the majority of the world has the PKK on their terrorist list, who cares what people like you think. Roj TV is a terrorist mouth piece which will be closed down soon, and rightfully so.

  23. and you are not human being, so whats the difference for you :)))) – i am not interested in your turkish links. you only make me laugh – dont be so scared of us. we dont do to our enemies what they doing to us.
    and keep your insulting for your turkish family, coz it doesnt impress me at all, poor orphan.
    if you wish, keep barking, but be careful, coz your anger and hate may blow you up :))))

  24. This is interesting. From Today’s Zaman, 25 October 2010

    Leaked documents show US military sees PKK as ‘freedom fighters’

    An excerpt:

    Turkey is mentioned in 128 of 391,000 confidential documents leaked by the whistleblower website that revealed the shocking civilian death toll in Iraq. In one document, the terrorist PKK is exalted as “freedom fighters.” The documents refer to a PKK group captured in Fallujah in 2004 as “freedom fighters who are citizens of Turkey.” The timing of this document comes shortly after Turkey’s Parliament decided not to allow the US to deploy troops in Turkey to attack Iraq.

  25. Interesting is also that kurdish kids are the only one example in the world that chil,deren are political prisoners (sentenced for supporting banned party). Well, only kurdish kids are smart enough to know whats going on in politics and to haver their own opinions about it and decide if they want to support or not, particular political party.
    kurdish birds are the only one conscious that they are speaking in banned language kurmandji, so turks put them to court for that.
    kurdish cats (of Kurdish Wan breed) are the only one in the world awar of their origin, so turks used to kill them for that.

  26. – Kulka, Let us all hope that Turkey drops a bomb on your head. They will certainly be doing us all a favour instead of having to read such drivel from your mentally retarded posts above.

  27. another poor orphan, who HAVE to read my comments :)))) anything else, empty headed kemalist? turqey can drop bombs to their toilets. now go and kiss the portrait of geystafa geymal atagey. bye

  28. @oona halil – be careful with your wishfull thinking, coz it may turns against you (istambul, 31.10.2010)

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