Syrian Kurds demand Iraqi citizenship

Syrian Kurdish refugees protest in front of the Kurdish Parliament building in Hewlêr (Erbil), demanding Iraqi citizenship and the right to asylum (09 October 2010).

Photo credit: SAFIN HAMED/AFP/Getty Images

Photo credit: SAFIN HAMED/AFP/Getty Images

Some information on Syrian Kurdish refugees here can be found at Niqash.


10 thoughts on “Syrian Kurds demand Iraqi citizenship

  1. Are you talking about the red circle and ‘X’? That refers to one of the Arabisation policies in Syria called the ‘Arab belt.’ Implemented in 1963 and abandoned in the late 70s, 60,000-120,000 Kurds were internally displaced and were replaced by thousands of Sunni Arab families along a 10-15 km-wide swath of land bordering Turkey and Iraq. The official tagline of the policy was ‘saving the Arabism of the Jazirah.’ The Jazirah is the Kurdish region in NE Syria.

  2. KB,

    Yes. I have visited Kurdistan and I know about Arabisation policies. But most people in the west have no idea what the Kurds went through. (And some who have heard something about Arabisation claim that it was a project to make Kurds literate.)

  3. Dear Andrew,
    Thats why i am looking for russian, greman and itaslian translators to translate into that languages the Memorandum (report about the situation in Kurdistan – specially western Kurdistan, which is occupied by Syria) – the documents which we gave to British government last tuesday during our demonstration. I would like to sent that to all important coun tries governments. I am already translating that into polish language. The world should know what have been done to Kurds – what is still happening to Kurds.

  4. Oh, thats great news! but i cant reach you email. thats mine – – if you will be so kind to drop me your contact there, i will send you the text (pdf. format). Thank you very very much in advance!

  5. Kulka, I’d also like to see the Memorandum if you don’t mind sending it to me. kurdistancommentary (at) KB

  6. OK, dear friends – both emails sent. if you have free time maybe that website would be interesting for you – its Kurdistan National Congress website:

    And specially i recommend the article of my dear Friend – dr. Jawad Mella about his trip to Kurdistan – some time ago i found it in internet – by accident :) – and after reading that i was so much touched that i decided to send message to Dr. Jawad – and after few minutes He call me back – thats how i got to know this great person. and thats the article:

    you can find it on the website (at the bottom of page) in english, kurdish and arabic.
    My very best wishes.

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