Campaign to support imprisoned Kurdish politicians and activists in Turkey

From CHAK Kurdocide Watch, regarding upcoming trial of imprisoned Kurdish politicians and activists:

Piştgiriya kampanya me bikin: Zexta Turkiyê ya li ser nûnerên Kurda û mafê mirovan rawestînin

Support our campaign for the imprisoned Kurdish politician’s human right in Turkey: Support the imprisoned politicians in the first trial in Turkey

On December 24th 2009, more than 80 people related to the BDP (Peace and Democracy Party), as well as human rights defenders and members of NGOs were arrested across Turkey. On December 28th, another 24 people were arrested in Van, and Batman, cities of the pre-dominantly Kurdish southeast of Turkey. The BDP is the succession party to the recently closed Democratic Society Party (DTP).

Kurdish politicians and activists, handcuffed and arrested, December 2009

The detentions were part of a wider pattern of repression of pro-Kurdish politicians, and in fact the last one was the fourth major crackdown on Kurdish politicians since the DTP won a landslide victory in the local elections in March 2009. Immediately following this success, executives of the DTP, including the party’s vice-co-presidents, were taken into custody and arrested. In the intervening eight months, not one of those individuals detained has been brought to trial. Moreover, the authorities have yet to give reasons for their detention. To date, some 1500 Kurdish politicians, including DTP executives and members have been arrested or detained since March 2009. The arrested politicians belong to those who worked hardest for local democracy in their communities. In spite of constant harassment from the Turkish authorities, they have tried to build a democratic society and a functioning infrastructure in their municipalities.

The court has decided that the first trial for  151 imprisoned Kurdish politicians and human rights defenders will start on 18th October 2010 in Diyarbakir.

View complete .pdf document from CHAK in English or in Kurdish.  Document includes suggestions for support and a list of detainees and their affiliations.  Also available in Turkish and Swedish at CHAK website.


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