Video: Arab support for Kurdish Rights in Syria

شكرا كثيرا جدا جدا  Gelek gelek spas


5 thoughts on “Video: Arab support for Kurdish Rights in Syria

  1. I’m sorry if I don’t share the same enthusiasm in thanking Arabs, the way I see it, the call by no more than a couple of dozens of Arabs in the entire Arabic countries for the Kurdish rights does not balance the extreme atrocities that Arabs have been committing against the Kurds for a century….

  2. Nothing can really balance an atrocity. However, I do think it is appropriate to thank those who made this video in support of Kurdish rights, which is where I was directing my enthusiasm.

  3. Corduene, thanks for your thoughts. The idea is to increase awareness amongst the many Arabs who are generally ignorant of the Kurdish struggle. The video and the campaign associated with it is a call to action to help inspire change from within such communities. We are not claiming that the issues expressed here have disappeared simply as a result of this or as a result of a few Arabs speaking out, nor would we dare to justify any atrocities committed by Arabs towards the Kurds. We’re aware of these atrocities and in fact that’s what we are criticizing here – our only demand is that more Arabs visibly condemn this and to join Kurdish activists in their own demands for justice and human rights.

    I do feel that one of the primary ways this hostility can be addressed is through awareness, information and visible solidarity – instead of relying on the mainstream that not only ignores the Kurdish struggle but lazily paints it in poor fashion (ties to Zionism and other false claims) which fuels the ignorance, blind hatred and hypocrisy when it comes to this problem.

    Yes we are a small number – but we are still there and we feel that our voice counts for something. There are more and more Arabs joining up and we feel that’s a good sign. Wouldn’t you agree?

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