Kurdish singer, Hama Jaza, passes away

One of Kurdistan’s most popular singers, Hama Jaza (حه‌مه جه‌زا), passed away today from cancer, according to news sources in Kurdistan.

Hama Jaza died in his hometown of Suleiymania after a long battle with cancer.

Hama Jaza was a well-known singer whose popularity grew in the late 70s and early 80s with each song he released. He was particularly well-known for his traditional songs called ‘Lawanawa’.

source: Kurdish Aspect

Listen to more of his music here.

News about his passing in Kurdish from Awene.


15 thoughts on “Kurdish singer, Hama Jaza, passes away

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  2. This is very sad news to all Kurds becuase Hama Jaza was a great singer and for long time he was a freedom fighter. His name and voice will stay a life for ever.


  3. Kurdish music is so touching, the melodies, the voices… I just watched the video and I am sorry I learn about this singer the day he passes. Art is eternal. RIP.

  4. im deeply saden by the death of hama jaza a vetran peshmarger long time kurdish rights supporter and ofcours a great singer who become a legend with his song he tought us so much he gave us alot and even if he leaves us today he’s song will be with us for ever god bless he’s family rest in peace

  5. remember of the songs which all its memory you was so good cant find a name u was the best u was a real lover for Kurdish im and we proud u are Kurdish singer . rip

  6. Condolences to His Family and to all Kurdish patriots,

    I am saddened with receiving his passing away news. I have met him in person twice, talked about Kurds and Kurdistan issues, he was not only a singer and musician, but also a great Kurdish patriot.

    I pray for his soul to receive final peace, Amen.

  7. Wow… I know his daugther, and his grandson and granddaugthers..
    They all live in Denmark actually. And his grandson is a really good friend of mine. His family is one of the nicest in the world. Always welcome.

    In the summer holidays he was in Kurdistan with his family, because he of course was ill and had cancer.

    Since the last month his parents have been in Kurdistan, while he stayed in Denmark to take care of school.

    If you don’t believe me go to hell.

  8. Here are the proofs. His wife and grandchildren. They live in a town called Herlev in Denmark..

  9. The late Hama Jaza was the brave son of kurdistan,on of its Peshmergas,and one of its most famous signer..Dr.Fuad Hama Khorshid-Iraq

  10. He is my favourite singer I was so upset when I heard this news I spent lo of time with his songs when I was by myself in uk deepest condolences to his family RIP

  11. rest in peace our Dear Brother Kak Hama – You and Your music will stay in kurdish hearts.

  12. I just LOVE this Great Singer and Human! Can´t understand a Word, but his Voice and person are so touching and Deep… And i listen to His voice for many Years now… Sorry to hear He died of this terrible cancer… In Deep and ligth memory for ever! For His family, friends and everyone who care for the Kurds….

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