East Kurdistan Weekly Human Rights Violations Report in Iranian Kurdistan

Human Rights poster: Saeed Behdad, Iran

East Kurdistan Weekly Human Rights Violations Report in Iranian Kurdistan, 04 September 2010 (from pdki.org)

Prepared by Kaweh Javanmard – Translated from Persian into English by pdki.org staff writer

09 September 2010

Human rights violations in Iran by the fundamentalist Islamic Republic regime have reached a level that even the most ardent regime institutions are fed up with level of violation of people’s rights, and added to this is the imposed personal discretion over of the people without any constraint and limitation causing violence acts by the regime’s agents.

From murdering innocent youth to issuing continued death sentences

Today, Thursday, 08 September 2010, during the past week we have witnessed the killing of Kurdish youth – issuing death sentences – the torture of political prisoners – the arrest of students, artists and ordinary Kurdish citizens – the fatality and injury of innocent people due to mine explosions, and holding unfair trial by military, security and judicial elements of the regime.

The Murder of a young boy by the Inspectorate’s office

Gholam-Reza Bayat , the young boy from Kamyaran charged with keeping alcoholic beverages was arrested by the agents of the Bureau of Inspection, and died following brutal torture in the detention of the Bureau. Forensic examination declared internal bleeding due to severe beating as the cause of his death. Gholam-Reza Bayat was murdered in the detention centre of the Bureau where under the regime’s own laws no can be detained in any security or private establishment.

Mine explosion and the victims

Following the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ laxity in collecting mines planted at the site of a former military base, a mine was found by a few young boys and following the detonation of the mine two young brothers named Kourosh Moradi 17, and Arash Moradi 13 years old were killed and a woman named Talihe and her two children named Ako and Aso Karimian were also injured. Another teen named Shaaib Moradi was seriously injured and lost his eyesight. Mine explosion from mines planted by the Islamic Republic in different areas of Iranian Kurdistan maim and victimise dozens of people each year and the regime has so far taken little, if no action in this regard. (2)

An affirmed death sentence

In the past few days the death sentence of Habibollah Gulpary-pour issued by the Revolutionary Court in Mahabad was affirmed by the Supreme Court of the country.

Habibollah Gulpary-pour had been sentenced to death for his alleged membership in a party opposing the regime. He had spent a long period of time in the Sanandaj and Mahabad prisons. (3)


• Azad Kamangar, a Kurdish student, was arrested by Etelaat agents of Sanandaj while checking in at the university. He is the nephew of the executed teacher Farzad Kamangar who was under surveillance for his attendance at the memorial service of May 9th executions. Earlier, six engineering students from the Yazdanpanah Technical University of Sanandaj for participating in these aforementioned ceremonies.(1)

* Abdul-Karim Kakooy, the 20-year-old from the village of “Hasan Nouran” from the suburb of Oshnawieh was arrested by the Etelaat agents of the city a few days ago in alleged collaboration with the opposition parties. He also previously been arrested by the Etelaat agents and was released after being harassed and tortured. (2)

• The regime’s plain-clothers raided a house in the city of Baneh on September 5, 2010a and arrested a man and his wife named Farzana Razavi. Farzaneh Razavi ’s husband was later released; however she is still being held without any news on her whereabouts.(2 )

• Maysam Haji-Khezri the Kurdish prisoner following a five-day solitary confinement was transferred to the prison in the city of Naghadeh.

This Kurdish prisoner is said to have been arrested on 31 August 31 by the security forces in the city of Naghadeh and no further information is available on the arrest. (5)

Summoning of the artists

Last Thursday, the Kurdish artist Ali Abedi was summoned to the Etelaat Bureau of the city of Saghez and was briefly interrogated. It was also reported that he had been summoned, then questioned and interrogated by the regime’s security apparatus. These maltreatments occur while is health condition has been reported poor. (4 )

Extending proposed detention

The arrest of three Kurdish individuals from Mahabad who were arrested in late August was extended to another four months. Wahed Dastmordi, Salah Ahmadi and Hassan Khan-paya were arrested by the plain clothes of Etelaat, and following their transfer to the detention centre of the city’s Revolutionary Guards prison were tortured. (5)

Convening of a Trial

The trial of Kamran Asa and Bijan Rezaei, brother and friend of Kianoush Asa, one of the killed students at the protests of June of last year was held on Sunday September 5th in the 8th district revolutionary court of Tehran. Kamran Asa and Bijan Rezaei were arrested on their arrival in the University of Science and Technology on Students Day. Kamran Asa ws also arrested on the anniversary of the death of his brother in Kermanshah where he has another open case. On the other hand, despite continuous follow-up by Kianoosh Asa’s family in regards to his death, they have received no answer received from the relevant institutions. (1)

Torture of prisoners

Kamel Shablooye, Bashir Chartagh, Behruz Alkhani from the city of Salmas and Akbar Akbarlou from the city of Khoy had been detained eight months ago on charges of acting against national security and they are still held in solidarity confinement.

The four Kurds have been kept in solidarity confinement due to severe torture in detention places of the Etelaat to stamp out the torture marks left on them. They have now been transferred to the solitary confinement in Urmia prison, and during this period, they have been barred to have visitation or communicating with the outside of prison.(1)



2-Kurdistan News Agency

3-Mokryan News Agency

4-Saghiz News Center


7 thoughts on “East Kurdistan Weekly Human Rights Violations Report in Iranian Kurdistan

  1. Zeynab Jalalian, is a 27-year-old ethnic Kurdish political activist sentenced to death after being convicted of ‘enmity against God’. Imprisoned in Tehran, her conviction stems from her alleged membership of a Kurdish armed opposition group.

    She speaks of torture and sexual abuse whilst detained and was reportedly denied access to her lawyer during her trial. The Iranian authorities have remained intractable in her case and she has not attracted the same media attention as Ashtiani. Although execution by hanging may be less ‘sensational’ than by stoning, and although convictions on politically motivated charges may seem less deplorable than for adultery, it can be argued that Jalalian’s case raises more profound concerns about the Iranian authorities’ abuse of their citizens…

    Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/opinion/a-tale-of-two-women-who-were-both-denied-justice-14941975.html#ixzz0z9hMs0sB

  2. Thanks, Patrick, for the article link. Maybe ‘hanging’ is less sensational than ‘stoning’ but it’s more than that. What the western press sees is a ‘mother-of-two to be stoned to death’ and then a ‘member of armed opposition group gets death penalty.’ In Zeinab Jalalian’s case she is de-personalised and becomes just another faceless victim. But Ashtiani is the PERFECT media story to show the brutality of the Iranian regime and gain some political ‘I-told-you-so’ points. Sadly, the west cares about neither one. But Ashtiani’s case can be used for political gain, so they milk it. Veiled mother, threat of barbaric sentence, etc. It feeds into their stereotypes and misconceptions. It is a real disgrace that the women are not seen through the lens of Iranian state repression and the larger context of human rights abuses there.

  3. Basically it explains the situation of women belonging to ethnic minorities in Iran (specifically Azeri women) and explaining how it is very similar to the current situation of Kurdish women in Turkey. I am working on a translation of this article into Spanish that will be posted on my blog sometimes this week :).

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