Kurd dies in fight with Hezbollah and Amal in Beirut

Naba'a neighbourhood in Beirut

On Saturday fighting broke out on the streets of Beirut’s Naba’a neighbourhood between a group of Kurds and others. One Kurd died from wounds sustained in the fighting.

The Naba’a neighbourhood of East Beirut is home to many Kurds from Syria. Naba’a is a mixed, multi-confessional area suffering from chronic unemployment, a lack of social services, high levels of insecurity and crime.

Problems began after 10pm on Saturday night between some Kurds and a group belonging to the Amal Movement, who began fighting each other with sticks and knives. The Amal (Hope) Movement is a Shi’a Muslim Militia founded in 1975. A group from Hezbollah emerged from a local mosque, joined the mêlée, and then opened fire on the Kurds. Details are sketchy as to how the fighting began or why it turned deadly.

Thirty-seven year old ‘Abdel Mon’em Rashid Haji Rashid, a Kurd from Efrîn (Syria) was hit by a bullet. His assailant escaped before the arrival of security forces. Haji Rashid was transferred to a local hospital where he later died of his wounds.

The Lebanese army was deployed to take control of the situation, but left around midnight after the situation was under control. After their departure members of Amal and Hezbollah came out to take up positions in the streets. Kurdish-owned shops in the area were closed on Sunday fearing further attacks.


مقتل شاب كوردي في بيروت على يد عناصر من حزب الله و حركة امل Soparo, 27 June 2010.


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