CrowdVoice – Tracking Voices of Protest

A friend recently made a new project aware to me from the Mideast Youth website called CrowdVoice.

Find a Voice

Mideast Youth gives a basic description, but from what I can see CrowdVoice acts as a user-generated aggregator of information; articles, images, videos, podcasts, events, etc, of different ongoing movements, protests, causes and rights campaigns.

It’s a novel and interesting idea and I can see it becoming big in the future. Currently there are 5 causes on CrowdVoice including one called Kurdish Human Rights in the Middle East

The other causes listed on there are:

  • Israeli Raid on Gaza Flotilla
  • Prisoners of Conscience in Iran (also includes Kurdish prisoners of conscience)
  • Emergency Law and Police Brutality in Egypt
  • Kyrgyzstan’s Interim Government Unable to Squelch Ethnic Violence

CrowdVoice also allows people to Request a Voice where by you fill out a simple form to request that a particular cause be added to the project’s database.

I really like the interface and design of CrowdVoice, it’s very much in line with the design of the different Mideast Youth websites such as Alliance for Kurdish Rights and The Muslim Network for Baha’i Rights.

I’ll be keeping an eye on CrowdVoice to see how it develops. Very exciting!


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