Anti-Turkish protests in Israel

Anti-Turkish protesters have taken to the streets in Israel.  They demonstrated in front of the Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv waving Israeli flags.  But that was not the only thing these demonstrators were waving.  They also held up ‘Free Kurdistan’ signs and chanted pro-Kurdish slogans.  To see the YouTube video, click here.

Additionally, an online Israeli newspaper (Israel National News) published a tongue-in-cheek article saying that a Kurdish Human Rights group was sending an international motor convoy to Turkish-occupied Kurdistan.  See article here.

And finally, here‘s a spot from controversial columnist Michael Coren talking about the irony of Turkey’s response.


2 thoughts on “Anti-Turkish protests in Israel

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  2. Turkey currently commits or has committed so much Genocide on Kurds, Armenians, Greeks, Cypriots, Assyrians, Pontians etc. that it is difficult to take their complaints seriously.

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