State Terrorism and Turkey’s Hypocrisy

Israel’s raid on the Gaza aid flotilla that left nine dead has prompted international outrage, including harsh criticism from the Turkish Prime Minister.  Erdoğan announced from Chile, ‘[t]his action, totally contrary to the principles of international law, is inhumane state terrorism. Nobody should think we will keep quiet in the face of this.’

Erdoğan is quick to recognise ‘inhumane state terrorism’ when it is someone else’s state.

Amnesty International identified the main forms of state terror as arbitrary detention, unfair trial, torture, and political murder or extrajudicial execution.

The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience defines state terrorism as ‘a system of political domination based on the spreading of terror in society. It is characterized by a systematic and massive criminally repressive policy, implemented by the State agencies.’

What then, Mr Erdoğan, do you call Ankara’s policies against the Kurds?  How is it not also state terrorism? How do you not see that what you are doing in your own backyard is state terrorism?  It is ‘contrary to the principles of international law’ and ‘inhumane.’ And nobody should ‘keep quiet in the face of’ Turkey’s state terrorism either.

Arbitrary arrests of Kurdish students; torture of Kurdish prisoners; attacks on Kurdish journalists; detention of innocent Kurdish children; and the list goes on.

Why not use some of that outrage for the way Turkey mistreats the Kurds?  Sure, the Gazans are in a desperate situation and what happened to the flotilla is atrocious.  But why aren’t you sending aid to the Kurds?  That is also ‘inhumane.’


7 thoughts on “State Terrorism and Turkey’s Hypocrisy

  1. Thanks for posting this. I think more people are getting tired of Turkish hypocrisy and Turkish “outrage”. Aside from their bellicose rhetoric about human rights violations elsewhere while repressing the Kurds and Orthodox Christians in their own country, Turkey is also one of the biggest supporters of separatism around the world. Tthey were one of the first Muslim countries to recognize Kosovo independence and have sent arms to Albanian separatists, yet when it comes to Kurdish national rights they’ll shout about sovereignty.

  2. Let’s also not forget Turkey’s genocide against Armenians that to this day they still refuse to recognise. Biggest hypocrites.

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  4. and last thing, lets not forget that turkey is currently occupying half of Cyprus, entering northern Iraq on daily basis, in 1998 almost got into war with Syria over the occupied alexandreta area.

  5. There’s no crisis in Gaza, the only thing Israel is ever asked of Palestinians is to stop violence and recognize their state, what they got in return is massive rocket and mortar launches from Gaza strip in to Israeli cities, would any country do nothing about that? would you do nothing?

    Gaza get enough humanitarian supplies from around the world and from Israel as well, the “blockade” is needed just to prevent Palestinians to get more weapons that are used against Israelis civilians.

    Look at the history and check results of real occupation looks like, what Turkeys did in past is a lot worse then what Israelis did in self defence living in wield wield middle east.

  6. Your comments are so pathetic.
    First, let’s make certain things clear. It is quite obvious that you are not aware of the current situation. It is true that in the past Kurdish people faced oppression and the language was forbidden. The same was also done to communists, both Turkish and Kurdish. Kurdish people were not the only group that was subject to torture. Unfortunately, anyone whose ideas were considered threatening was treated the same way. This country has witnessed many tragedies and we are now suffering the consequences.
    Kurdish and Turkish people have lived together for centuries. The harsh actions taken against Kurdish people in the past were the result of separatist statements and terror. Today, Kurdish people have the same rights as Turkish people. There is absolutely no difference. In the Eastern parts of Turkey, the situation is not as good as it is in other regions but it is all because the Turkish government could not help the region develop. And it is again something PKK wanted and succeeded in doing. They killed doctors, teachers, anyone who went there to serve the people and improve living standards. They have attacked civilians and still do. They kill innocent people every day. Just read the news about Turkey please.
    I am not defending the mistakes Turkey has made, all nations have their own record, but I just want everyone to know that Kurdish and Turkish people are equal citizens of the state and that the terror is now completely motivated by other forces and aims.


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