Billboards promote Kurdish alphabet

To promote awareness of the Kurdish alphabet, Kurdî-Der (the Kurdish Language Research and Development Centre) has begun placing billboards in various locations in the Diyarbakir region to raise awareness of the Kurdish language and obstacles to mother-tongue education.  The billboards with the title Xwendina Alfabeya Kurdî (Pronunciation of the Kurdish Alphabet) show pictures of fruits, vegetables, plants, and animals that begin with each of the 31 letters of the alphabet (ie the word sêv next to the picture of the apple).


7 thoughts on “Billboards promote Kurdish alphabet

  1. What is wrong with using the Persian script, do you not think we would be loosing parts of our heritage, and literature by changing our alphabet from Persian script?

  2. Kurdish script is Arabic, but I am not sure whether we were directly influenced by the Persian script which they received from the Arabs.

    I’d be interested to read more on this,

    Thank you.

  3. This is not a change as Kurmancî in North Kurdistan is not written in an Arabic or Persian script. The billboards promote the current Kurdish alphabet as used there.

  4. Ms. Ruwayda Mustafah,

    Please spend about 15 minutes of your time to learn about your language. Have you ever heard of Kurmanji? I would not dare to ask if you have heard of Celadet Bedir-Khan.

    It just kills me when people who have no clue about their own identity and language trying to bite their tongue.

  5. Ms. Ruwayda Mustafah,

    With all the respect to you, it is worth learning about the banning of so many years of our language and assimilation effect in the north. Seeing the billboards on the streets is a huge change.

  6. Thanks for your informative blog.

    Unfortunately Kurdish is written in many different scripts. The major scripts are currently Arabic (Aramaic) and Latin scripts. I prefer the latin script (by Celadet Bedirxan) and believe that it is going to be the only script in future.

    However current Kurdish Latin script is missing a few letters (ڵ، ڕ، غ، ع، ح) used in Arabic script. Standardization of Kurdish alphabet requires some compromises and minor changes to currently accepted latin script.

    Please see Kurdish latin / arabic alphabet conversion table here:

  7. Dear all,

    I believe it is bewildering, because there are various scripts of writing Kurdish language. Therefore, at the moment it is a bit confusing for me; since I am not sure which script to follow! However, I would rather to use all of them so I can at least improve my language. It is a shame that many Sorani do not speak and understand Krmanjy vice versa.

    Anyway, I like this this website.

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