New Blog: Diyarbakir Travel

Diyarbakir Travel blog screenshot

A new blog is online all about Diyarbakir (Amed).  From the ‘About’ section of the blog:

Diyarbakir is a travel site for tourists traveling to Diyarbakir in south eastern Turkey.  This site is a hotels in Diyarbakir and Diyarbakir restaurant review site which also suggests places to add to your list of tourist sites to see in Diyarbakir.

You will also find valuable information about Diyarbakir, its history, geography, culture and people on the site.  We hope also to publish lots of photos of Diyarbakir in the near future.

This is an informational site and all articles posted on Diyarbakir Travel are correct, or believed to be correct at the time the article is written.

If you need any further information, please contact us – our contact information is available on the contact page.  You may also advertise on this site and can contact us about advertising terms at the same email address.

For further information, please read our Diyarbakir information on our Disclaimer page.

This site is in honour of  Arjen and Arin.

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One thought on “New Blog: Diyarbakir Travel

  1. Diyarbakir is the most beautifull city.. and we think city name is not Diyarbakir.. My city name is Amed

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