Kurdish Panels at Upcoming Conference


MESA Conference, 21-24 November, Boston, USA

If you happen to be in Boston next week, the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) is holding its annual conference from 21-24 November 2009.  This year there are many panels, presentations, and papers that deal with the Kurds.

Additionally, the Kurdish Studies Association will hold its annual business meeting during the conference.  According to the preliminary MESA programme, that meeting will be on Saturday, 21 November from 2-4pm.

Below I’ve listed the five panels.  There are also individual papers on Kurdish issues as part of other panels.  Looks to be a great event.

Becoming Kurdish: A Century of Making a Nation

Sunday, 22 November at 8.30am

-The Call of Mountains: Joining the Kurdish Insurgency (Tezcur, Gunes Murat)
-The Problem of “True” Kurdish Identity in Armenian Nationalist Literature, 1878-1914 (Turkyilmaz, Yektan)
-Kurdish Oral Tradition as ‘Historiological’ Counter-Narrative (Yuksel, Metin)
-Kurdish Women with the Context of Kurdish Nationalist Discourse Developed in the Late 19th and early 20th Centuries (Karaman, Emine Rezzan)

The Challenges of Kurdish Nationalism

Sunday, 22 November at 4.30pm

-Challenges to Kurdish Nationalism: The Future of the Continuing US Support for the KRG (Ahmed, Mohammed)
-Explicit and Banal, Secular and Religious Nationalisms and Turkey’s Kurdish Question (Somer, Murat)
-The European Union and the Kurdish Question in Turkey: A Challenge to Kurdish Nationalism (Yavuz, Hakan)
-The PKK and the ‘Terrorist’ Label: A Challenge to Kurdish Nationalism? (Casier, Marlies)
-New Perspectives on the Shaikh Said Rebellion: Kurdish Nationalism or Turkish Manipulation? (Ozoglu, Hakan)
-Accommodation vs Repression: Challenge of Kurdish Nationalism in Turkey (Nigogosian, Aram)

Being Kurdish

Monday, 23 November at 5.00pm

-Honor, Popular Culture, and Defining Kurdishness in Turkey (Gallo, Sevin)
-High Politics vs Economy: The Uneasy Relationship between Turkey and Iraqi-Kurds (Grigoriadis, Ionnis)
-Official Kurdish TV Station in Turkey: Emerging New Identitites? (Gurbuz, Mustafa)

Imperial Power, Local Politics, New Forms of Knowledge: Kurdish Identity and the Kurdish Question in the Late Ottoman Empire

Tuesday, 24 November at 10.30am

-Ottoman Diplomat, Russophile, and the Kurdish Patriot: Abdurrezzak Berdirhan and the Seams of Empire, 1910-1918 (Reynolds, Michael)
-The Kurdishness Periphery of Turkish Nationalism, Rediscussing the Nationalism of Ziya Gokalp (Dundar, Fuat)
-Conflicts between Urban Nationalists and Rural Ottomanists in Diyarbakir at the turn of the 20th Century: Ziya Gökalp vs Millî Ibrahim Paşa (Jongerden, Joost)

State Formation in the Middle East: The Kurdish Question/Case

Tuesday, 24 November at 1.00pm

-The Kurdish Issue in Turkish Politics: The US and the Problematic Nature of Its Democratization Process (Charountaki, Marianna)
-Kurdish Nationalist Discourse in Kurdish Journals: 1898-1943 (Ekici, Deniz)
-Kurdish Crisis and Victimhood (Ahmed, Saladdin)
-Language and Nation-Building in Kurdistan-Iraq (Sheyholislami, Jaffer)


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