Arab Association for Kurdish Rights

logo_aakrOn 01 June a new initiative was launched by the Alliance for Kurdish Rights, the Arab Association for Kurdish Rights.

Their webpage says about the initiative:

We are a group of students, journalists, and activists from various Arab states who are concerned for and supportive of Kurdish human rights as well as the conservation of Kurdish history and culture. Due to injustices faced throughout the Middle East, many Kurds have found a home in neighboring Arab countries, where most Kurdish communities are entirely isolated. We are using this campaign in order to draw attention to not just their plight, but also to raise understanding of the Kurdish culture and allow them to be outspoken members of our communities.

We have utmost respect for our Kurdish brethren. It is unfortunate that they have faced censorship and discrimination for many decades. We are here to assure Kurdish communities within the Arab world that we will stand up for their human rights as well as their right to practice their culture freely in our societies.

Visit their website at:

Click here to read an interview with the Director of the Alliance for Kurdish Rights about this new initiative. Interview by Deborah Ann Dilley of Global Voices.


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