We don’t need no (Atatürkist) thought control

As we already knew, many in Turkey would not at all happy with the emergence of a Kurdish-language TV station. In Today’s Zaman an article was posted entitled “Atatürkist Thought Association decries Kurdish-language TV.” The Atatürkist Thought Association [Atatürkçü Düşünce Derneği in Turkish (ADD)] is more often translated as the Association of Kemalist Ideology. However I do like the sound of the Atatürkist Thought Association. Sounds more like what it is…a thought-control association.

ordu-goreveThe photo accompanying the article shows an ADD protest. The signs in Turkish (Ordu Göreve! Atatürk Gençliği) can be translated (roughly) as Army take responsibility! Atatürk Youth. To wit, they’re saying it’s time for a military crackdown.

The official ADD statement was just released and reads:

[The ADD] strongly condemns the move by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation [TRT], an official institution of the Turkish Republic, in establishing a separate channel called TRT to broadcast in Kurdish, and calls for authorities to immediately end the broadcasting.” The statement notes that the official language of the republic is Turkish and says the tie between citizens and the state stems from everyone being a Turk.

Learning Turkish, speaking Turkish and being educated in Turkish is a citizen’s responsibility. With the Kurdish broadcast channel, the TRT will play into the hands of those domestic and international powers who want to divide and ruin our country. We invite our people and administrators to see that Kurdish broadcasting, Kurdish language and literature departments, the Kurdish Institute, an autonomous region, a federation and an independent Kurdish state are all phases of a game. We strongly decry attempts by the [Higher Education Board] YÖK to establish Kurdish language and literature departments even as there are serious higher education problems in our country. The ADD will forever remain bound to the secular, democratic, social republic that the great leader Atatürk established, the unitary structure of the state and its indivisible entirety, and we will continue the ideological battle for this purpose. How happy is he who calls himself a Turk.

Yes, happy indeed. And the others who refuse?

How can the linguistic repression (one of many human rights violations) of a nation be democratic?

You can see the original article here: http://www.todayszaman.com/tz-web/detaylar.do?load=detay&link=163964&bolum=100


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