New Publication: Kurdish Issue in Iran Journal (KI3)

Here is some information on a new publication that focuses on Kurdish issues in Iran. It aims to be an annual publication.

From the journal:

The Kurdish Issue in Iran journal (KI3) is an international journal promoting the study of Kurdish issue in Iran, and interest in democracy, federalism, political structure in a multicultural society, Kurdish history and ethnic question in Iran. Articles are welcome on research, experience, current issues and debates. The KI3 encourages submissions that reflect the wide and interdisciplinary nature of the subject and articles that integrate conflict management disciplines with political, social, economical, contextual and management issues based on research using appropriate research methods.

The journal offers to fill a definite gap in the field of Kurdish Studies: Kurds in Iran. The articles in this issue are of interest and importance to the field. However, I would strongly recommend some tighter editing for the 2nd issue of the journal. Grammar, punctuation, consistency, etc are all begging for help. It unfortunately distracts from the content.

In this debut issue articles are:

-Mustafa Hejri, A Strategy for Federal Democracy in Iran
-Dr. Hussein Tahiri,
Kurdish Nationalism in Iran: A Reassessment
-Majid Hakki,
The political system and Kurdish question in Iran
-Majid Hakki,
Kurdish language in the Iranian legal framework
-Dr. Ali Klic,
The States of Armed Colonialists out of Kurdistan not in ingerence of Turkey and the Iran of Syria in Kurdistan

There is information in the journal regarding subscriptions and rates. I wrote to the editors and got the link to download the first issue. Please click here to download the inaugural December 2008 issue. It is a 68-page .pdf document.


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