9th General meeting of the Kurdistan National Congress

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Statement
The ninth general meeting of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK)

The Kurdistan National Congress held its ninth general meeting on 13 – 14, of December 2008, in Brussels, Belgium.

Of the 135 new members, 90 members from Kurdistan and the Diaspora participated from several countries including: America, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Australia and Egypt. For those who missed the general meeting, the reasons were purely technical. But they sent their congratulations and support. Representatives of minorities in Kurdistan such as: Assyrians, Syriac and Chaldeans participated in the conference.

Many guests from Kurdistan and European countries attended the conference and presented their speeches. The general meeting has received letters and telegrams of support and congratulations from several political parties, cultural organizations, political figures and writers.

In addition to the former members and organizations, two organizations from the Kurdistan Federal Region joined as well as another two organizations from the Federal Kurdistan also attended the meeting as observers to the general meeting of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK).

Participated organizations are:

– Socialist Party of Kurdistan
– Kurdistan Democratic Movement
– Zhmtkeshi Party of Kurdistan (observer)
– Communist Party of Kurdistan (observer)
– Kurdistan Democratic National Union (observer)
– Kurdish Institute in Brussels
– Kurdish Institute in Germany
– Kurdish Institute in Stockholm
– Kon Kurd
– Kurdistan Art Academy
– Union Ezidiin associations
– Alawi Union of Kurdistan

Many independent political figures, writers, journalists, Kurdish and Kurdistan intellectuals are members of the Kurdistan National Congress.

The general meeting, discussed the documents relating to the events taking place, has agreed fully on the question of “strategic document of national unity”, and changes to the bylaws were approved. The question of strengthening and revitalization of Kurdistan National Congress was discussed with many ideas and suggestions and many important decisions were approved. After the General meeting ended, the new elected executive committee held its first meeting to build other bodies and develop a plan of action.

The New executive committee consists of the following members:

1 – Tahir Kamali Zadeh, President of Kurdistan National Congress
2 – Adem Ozun
3 – Ramzi Kartal
4 – George Aryo
5 – Nelufer Koc
6 – Rojan Hazim
7 – Ahmed Aktas
8 – Nizamuttin Toguc
9 – Felemez Basboga
10 – Sayf Bedirxan
11 – Hewi Berwari
12 – Miryam Muezzini
13 – Gelavej Qadiri
14 – Nezif Mayi
15 – Medini Ferho

According to the new charter, three bodies and three committees were setup:

1 – Foreign Relations Committee
2 – Committee of Language, Education, Culture and Art
3 – Women Committee
4 – National Action Committee
5 – The Committee on Interior Laws
6 – Press and Publication Committee

The Executive committee discussed the proposals and resolutions of the ninth KNK general meeting and analyzed the situation in Kurdistan, the Middle East and the world. It called for a national unity of the Kurds and Kurdistan.

The Kurdish nationalist movement is progressing under many difficult conditions. The establishment of the Kurdistan Federal Region within a Federal Iraq is significant and important gain for the people of Kurdistan and the national cause, but in contrast, the colonial powers of Kurdistan have emerged and increased their games and maneuvers against the Kurdish people. This new situation led those countries to increase the severity and intensity of oppression on the Kurdish people and its national movement. Under the command of the Turkish state, both Iran and Syria launched more attacks and implemented new plans against the Kurdish nation particularly Turkey and Iran have begun pursuing a covert and overt conflict against the Kurds. These two countries have launched several military and security operations against the Kurdish people. Iran started the issue of death sentences against the Kurdish activists and has become a salient feature at this stage. Syria has re-implemented its old outdated “Arab belt” and the new law of property and real estate, through Decree 49 that denies the Kurds in Syria the freedom to dispose of their property and their real state!

Turkey has invented new methods and techniques in its policies of genocide and forced assimilation of the Kurdish culture and folklore. The Federal Iraqi prime minister office and several of its members started an aggressive chauvinistic conflict with the national movement of the Kurdish people. Under such atmosphere and vicious attacks on the Kurdish people, countries that monitor human rights and democracy movement did not do anything and they even participated in these operations by their silence, as well as their intelligence operations in this region. Unfortunately, the United States of America and the European Union are in contradiction and are doing the opposite of what they believe in. Turkey benefits from this as they try to eradicate the armed Kurdish national movement. To this end, Turkey insists on the introduction of the Federal Regional Government of Kurdistan into this conflict in order to fight the Kurdish nationalist movement in northern Kurdistan. And several diplomatic hidden plans are revealed in which the results would be deadly and devastating.

It is the Kurdish people’s right to understand these diplomatic trends and resist them by having a Kurdish unity agreement based on “Kurdish national unity strategy” that can stop all these policies directed against the Kurdish people. The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) calls upon and urges the United States of America and the European Union, to reconsider their policies and stop their assistance to Turkey and to support the oppressed Kurdish people.

In view of these problems and accumulation, the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) seeks to caution and awaken the Kurdish people to know of these plans that have been woven against the Kurds and Kurdistan, to show the extent of its adherence to national unity and not to leave the door open for plots of this kind. That is why the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) will introduce “a document of Kurdish national strategy” to all forces and national figures to be debated on the grounds to build a national unity base.

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) gives great importance to the standards of the national strategic document that sets the national objectives.

The general meeting resolutions of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), are to send a letter of total support to Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, also the general meeting rejects all of the Turkish authorities methods of ill treatment for him, and demands his immediate release.

In order to strengthen and activate the internal relations between the Kurdish people, letters will be sent to: the leader, KCK, President of the Kurdistan Federal Region Massoud Barzani, President of the Federal Republic of Iraq Jalal Talabani, Kurdish leaders, all political parties and Kurdish organizations. They will be urged to play a role in the unity of the Kurdish nationalist forces in this difficult stage.

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) calls on the Kurdish people in Federal Kurdistan to respect all religious and ethnic minorities to prevent our enemies from obstructing the current agreement between the Kurds and minorities.

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) hopes that the Kurds in Diaspora are fully aware of these issues and to be keen to protect and preserve the national gains.

On 29, March 2009 will be the municipality elections in Turkey and Kurdistan. On behalf of the Kurdish people, the Democratic Society Party (DTP) will participate in the elections. Turkish state are applying many policies and attempts to block the Democratic Society Party and therefore is unable to win municipal and local administrations in Kurdish cities. They bring to court known figures in order not to run in the elections. To this end, the trial of “Leyla Zana” was swift and unfair.

We the (KNK) rejects this provision of Leyla Zana, and we express our support and solidarity with her.

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), during this meeting, protested the massacre that took place in the city of Kirkuk, and expressed sympathy to the families of the martyrs, Federal Kurdistan, and wished safety and healing for the injured.

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) highly values the women movement of Kurdistan, this movement carried the slogan “We are not an honor for anyone, our honor is our freedom”. The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) supports strongly the movement of the women of Kurdistan.

In conclusion, the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) calls on the Kurdish and Kurdistan people to stand in the face of the colonialists attacks on the Kurdish national reconciliation and to protect and develop this internal unity. The key to the success of Kurdistan and Kurdish people is the “national unity”.

The Executive Committee of the Kurdistan National Conference (KNK)
15 December 2008, Brussels

Translated version

Kurdistan National Congress – KNK
Rue Jean Stas 41
1060 Brussels

Tel.: + 32 2 647 3084
Fax: + 32 2 647 6849


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